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Cast-in-place anchors

The cast-in-place problem solver for overhead pipe hanging

Hilti's Kwik Cast cast-in-place anchors are uniquely designed to address everyday pain points faced by MEP contractors. These innovative cast-in-place anchors help prevent concrete from compromising the threads, reduce the risk of being knocked over, and improve the ease of installation via the new stand up setting tool.

Hilti’s cast-in-anchors are perfect for your overhead pipe hanging applications, bringing speed and efficiency to the process. Installing anchors prior to the concrete pour allows you to install the overhead pipe hanging supports much quicker. Hilti’s full portfolio of cast-in anchors has you covered for wood form work and metal deck projects as well as a new innovative push-to-connect solution.

Why choose Hilti Kwik Cast Anchors?

Wood Form (WF)

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Maximize coordination

Easily detect trade-specific fastening points. Cast-in anchors can be easily identified from below, 

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Increase reliability

Reduce the number of lost fastening points with Kwik Cast anchors. KC-WF anchors provide 25% increased kick-over resistance thanks to the design of nails above the head. Foam plugs help prevent concrete intrusion into the threads. 

Metal Deck (MD)

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Pre-fabricated solutions

No more threading, simply push. Take advantage of Kwik Cast Connect's innovated push-to-connect technology that helps speed up anchor installation up to 75%. 

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Installation ready

Don't waste time pre-assembling anchors on metal deck jobs. KC-MD anchors come with pre-installed screws and bridging bars.

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