Temperature Monitoring

Track concrete temperature remotely - anytime, anywhere

The curing temperature of concrete is critical for proper curing and meeting the specified strength of the mature concrete. Low temperatures below 5°C, rapid temperature changes and temperature differentials between multiple points within the concrete may cause thermal stresses, cracking, or reduction in the long-term strength.

Monitoring the jobsite concrete temperature with wireless concrete sensors and customized automatic alerts empower you to take early actions before a problem forms, protecting your concrete from damage. This helps you stay compliant with thermal control plans and potentially reduce heating costs in cold weather.

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Cold weather jobsite temperature monitoring

ACI 306R requires contractors to manage the curing process in such a way that the internal concrete curing temperature stays within certain thresholds. In cold weather conditions the concrete temperature should not drop below 5°C for the protection period. Concrete sensors help ensure constant monitoring of the jobsite temperature, which is essential, especially during the colder night hours.

Mass concrete temperature differential monitoring

ACI 207.1 and ACI 301 require contractors to manage the curing process for extra thick mass concrete as defined by ACI 116R (typically 3+ feet) in such a way to prevent the temperature differential from exceeding 5°C from center to surface, and prevent the center's maximum temperature from exceeding 71°C. Often, thermal control plans are used as guidelines for contractors to ensure proper curing. Concrete sensors monitor concrete temperature 24/7 and help with compliance to thermal control plans and building codes.

Tough and Reliable

Robust and easy-to-install wireless concrete sensors monitor the current curing temperature of your jobsite concrete. The sensor of the cabled versions can go up to 15 feet deep in the concrete using the strongest signal to send reliable data through the wireless transmitter. The sensors record and store a temperature data point every 15 minutes which is used for the temperature reports and alerts.

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Around the clock convenience

With the 24/7 automatic data collection via gateway, real-time concrete temperature can be conveniently accessed anytime from virtually anywhere without having to be on the jobsite. The gateway is easy to set up on the jobsite for data collection — put it on the tripod, plug it in, and it will automatically sync with the wireless sensors.

Easy and Functional

With the ability to quickly scan sensors, set up projects, and start monitoring, our free mobile app allows you to easily monitor concrete on your projects from your smart phone. Get automated real-time alerts and customize notifications so you can take action as soon as possible. Save time with the integrated best-in-class report generator and fulfill documentation requirements of your thermal control plans — simply click a button and share daily reports with your project team. The free app also provides a collaborative platform and includes an unlimited number of users.