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Diversity and Inclusion

Why diversity and inclusion is essential to Hilti?

At Hilti North America, we focus on celebrating all aspects of diversity and providing education, discussions, benefits and policies that ensure inclusion for all.

Diversity and inclusion is a journey that all Hilti team members are on together, led by our employees, our leaders and a full-time, committed D&I Officer. 


Why diversity and inclusion is essential to Hilti
D & I team engagement

Engaging our team

Our team members are committed to inclusion and have a voice in the topics we focus on and the way we do business.

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Inclusion Strategy

Inclusion Strategy

Our leaders are committed to inclusion, and D&I anchors our corporate strategy. Learn why we believe it strengthens our business.

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Meet our team

Meet our team

We value the diverse experiences, ideas and goals our team members bring. Check out our career explorer to meet our team members and chart your own path.

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Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity means both the ways we are different as well as the ways we are the same. To explain what diversity & inclusion is to our team members, we use the tree analogy (that you can watch here). The tree’s leaves and trunk represent all the elements of diversity you can see easily. But just as important is what's below the surface - the roots. The essential parts of the tree that are hidden from view. These are the invisible aspects of diversity. For the tree to prosper it also needs sun, rain and nutrient-rich soil: the right environment. This is what inclusion stands for – welcoming, valuing and respecting differences, as well as connecting with people unlike ourselves. This helps us find new perspectives that lead to a richer, more creative workspace.

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We celebrate inclusion

Hilti team members are as diverse as the 120 countries we operate in. We believe that’s worth celebrating.

Throughout the year, we take time out to understand and appreciate the many nationalities, genders, generations, orientations, experiences and interests of our team members.

Explore our calendar of celebrations and discover how you can join the journey.

Hilti celebrate inclusion

Catalyst CEO champion for change

At Hilti, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is important at all levels. This commitment has been solidified by our Hilti North America President and CEO, Avi Kahn, who has been recognized by Catalyst as a CEO Champion for Change.

Commitments to become a CEO Champion for Change include actively sponsoring women – including women of color – for executive and senior management roles, modeling positive change through words and actions, embedding inclusivity in organizational culture, and holding leadership accountable.

In addition to Catalyst, Avi Kahn also drives MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) and is an ardent advocate of employee-driven diversity initiatives.

Hilti's CEO is a Catalyst CEO champion for change


At Hilti, inclusion is employee-driven and intrinsic to our culture. Our employee-led groups – called OWN IT! – are  the Hilti change makers who drive diversity and inclusion engagement activities throughout the year. We simply provide the budget and a business sponsor, and our team members drive programs to foster inclusion in their office.

From mentoring programs to networking events, field activities and workshops, cross-functional Own It! groups are ensuring we meet the needs of our diverse team.

Own It! is just one example of how our team members are driving change.

OWN IT! D&I at Hilti