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Diversity and Inclusion at Hilti

Why diversity and inclusion is essential to us?

Diversity & Inclusion is firmly anchored in our Champion 2020 Corporate Strategy. We're determined to create a high-performing, motivated global team. 


Hilti Diversity and Inclusion

D & I is embedded in our corporate strategy

2020 Strategy

We want to be a great employer by:

  • Offering outstanding, long-term career opportunities worldwide
  • Investing in our team members’ personal and professional development
  • Providing competitive rewards based on outstanding performance

The key to a high-performing global team is a diverse and inclusive workforce with equal opportunities.  

As we continue to grow as a high performing global team, everybody at Hilti needs to understand what Diversity & Inclusion really is. We all need to be aware of our perceptions and behavior and their impact on others.

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Understanding Diversity and Inlcusion

Diversity means both the ways we are different as well as the ways we are the same. To explain what diversity & inclusion is to our team members, we use the tree analogy (that you can watch here). The tree’s leaves and trunk represent all the elements of diversity you can see easily. But just as important is what's below the surface - the roots. The essential parts of the tree that are hidden from view. These are the invisible aspects of diversity. For the tree to prosper it also needs sun, rain and nutrient-rich soil: the right environment. This is what inclusion stands for – welcoming, valuing and respecting differences, as well as connecting with people unlike ourselves. This helps us find new perspectives that lead to a richer, more creative workspace.

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how we incorporate diversity and inclusion

Hilti people processes

We've embedded diversity and inclusion in our people processes.

Our competency model is­­­ a global framework for selecting, developing and coaching our employees using consistent, business-related behavioral dimensions to improve performance.

We’ve taken a deep look at it to ensure there are no built-in biases which may not support our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion. We’ve also added the dimension "working inclusively with others" to consider this important competency in all our assessments.  

Other people processes have also been revised to ensure that we are more inclusive and open to diversity. For instance, we embedded a Beyond Bias workshop into our leadership learning program. Team leaders learn how to apply tools that help them to make more objective, better decisions. 


hilti diversity

At Hilti, Diversity & Inclusion is crucial for our business – both now and in the future.

So we're proud of both our culture and our team. All around the world, we feature in best-employer rankings for creating an award-winning culture: one where all team members are valued and can flourish.

As today's rapidly changing world has diminishing global borders, some of our biggest growth opportunities are in markets where Hilti is less established. 

To meet customer needs, we must remain flexible and innovative. We also need to cultivate growth through diverse perspectives, education, work experiences, skills and talents. By focusing on Diversity & Inclusion, Hilti will become an even more rewarding and satisfying workplace.

We've created an innovative working environment where everyone can reach his or her potential and develop further. This helps us attract highly qualified, talented people across the world.




Own It! is our employee-led group, focused on diversity and inclusion. We simply provide the budget and a business sponsor. Then the team members decide which programs are needed to drive inclusion forward in their working location. From language lunches and meet & learn workshops to an open mentoring program, the Own It! group really allows us to meet the needs of our team members by giving them ownership of inclusion activities.

Joining the Own It! group encourages team members from different parts of the business to work together. It’s a great way for team members to develop new skills and learn from the experiences of others.

D & I in our business area: fire protection