Metal deck shear connectors

Resisting shear forces thorough transfer studs

When designing a composite beam comprised of steel beams and concrete slabs, it is often necessary to resist shear forces by using transfer studs. These shear transfer connectors need to be attached to the steel structural members before the concrete slab is poured.

The Hilti X-HVB shear connector is a mechanically fastened shear transfer device for use in composite beam construction as an alternative to welded Nelson studs. This mechanical fastening solution offers many benefits as opposed to the welding alternative, and the ambiguity of the welding inspection process is greatly reduced when using mechanically attached shear connectors.

shear connectors for metal deck

Shear Connector Solutions

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PROFIS DF Diaphragm Design Software

PROFIS DF Diaphragm Design Software

With PROFIS DF Diaphragm software, you can quickly select fasteners, sidelap screws and other components and then calculate diaphragm shear and other variables to find the best solution for your application.

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