Technical Design Centers

Doing things right starts right here

Doing a job well done is all about finding the right solution for the task at hand. That’s why we put so much research, testing, service and support into everything we offer. With our Design Centers, you can create, compare and select the best possible products and systems for any application. 

Anchor Design Center

No other brand offers more anchors for more applications. Use the Anchor Design Center to select a code-compliant chemical, mechanical or screw anchor for baseplate attachments, doweling applications and more.

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Firestop Design Center

Choose from a variety of industry-leading firestop solutions for virtually any condition. The Hilti Firestop Design Center makes it easy for designers and specifiers to secure all kinds of openings and penetrations.

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Rebar Design Center

Designing post-installed rebar under current development and splicing provisions is much different than specifying for existing anchoring provisions. The Rebar Design Center combines the products and the knowledge to get it right.

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Façade Design Center

When you can address a complex edge-of-slab condition early, the design process moves quicker and smoother. Our Facade Design Center helps you anticipate, identify and solve for window and curtain wall applications.

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Decking Design Center

You won’t find a more innovative, reliable or efficient mechanical fastening system for attaching steel decking to bar joists or structural steel. See for yourself with the Decking Design Center.

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Direct Fastening Design Center

Our fastening technology uses either powder-actuated cartridges, compressed gas canisters or battery-powered mechanical action to drive fasteners into the base material. Without the need for external power sources, the Hilti fastening solution is portable, fast and lightweight allowing for reliable fastenings in difficult access areas on today’s construction sites.

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Modular Supports Design Center

If you’re a contractor or specifier installing or specifying supports for pipe systems, cable trays, duct runs, electrical panel boxes, shelters, overhead medical grids and more, the Modular Supports Design Center gets you closer to the right products faster.

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Fastening to Steel Design Center

Hilti offers various product lines that provide corrosion-resistant fastenings for a wide range of applications across many industries and environmental conditions. From the interior of an industrial facility, to outdoor oil and gas sites, to the harshest offshore environments, Hilti fasteners for steel are thoroughly tested to meet your demanding needs.

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Detection Systems Design Center

Hilti solutions for detecting hidden objects in walls, floors and ceilings.

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