Power-Actuated Fastening Technologies

Which technology is right for your jobsite environment?

powder-actuated fastening on steel


A fastening technology utilizing a powder charge and captive piston for fast, secure fastenings.

  • Nails & threaded studs for electrical and mechanical applications
  • Highest energy levels for the most demanding applications
  • Available for mildly to highly corrosive environments
  • Fasten to steel, concrete, or masonry
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gas-actuated fastening on steel


A fastening technology that offers the ultimate in productive, light duty applications.

  • Suitable for high volume, interior applications
  • Ideal for drywall track, electrical, mechanical and building construction
  • Wide range of nails for fastening a variety of materials
  • Fasten to concrete or masonry
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battery-actuated fastening on steel


The latest innovation in direct fastening featuring a propellant free tool for sensitive environments

  • Battery powered
  • Lowest noise levels of all Hilti options
  • Utilize pins or studs
  • Suitable for interior drywall track, electrical and mechanical applications
  • Fasten to steel, concrete, or masonry
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screw fastening on steel


A trusted fastening technology using only a drill/driver and torque controlled setting tool.

  • Threaded studs for a variety of electrical and mechanical applications, as well as grating fasteners
  • Available for mildly to highly corrosive environments 
  • Fasten to steel or aluminum
  • Highest load capacities of all Hilti Direct Fastening options
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