Flexible. Portable. Powerful. Repeatable.

For high-volume, repetitive fastening in hard-to-reach spaces, Hilti gas-actuated fastening solutions are second to none. Bring us an application, and we’ll show you a self-powered, lightweight and easy-to-use system that can save time and help control costs.

Plywood Fastening

One system handles all things plywood. For attaching structural wood panel materials, such as plywood and oriented strand board (OSB), to cold-formed steel framing, you can’t beat the Hilti Plywood Fastener X-GPN 37 MX. Use it for wood flooring systems (14-16 guage. base steel), parapet walls, siding, roofing (14-16 guage base steel) and shear wall assemblies. 

Recommended products for plywood fastening application:

Plywood Fastener X-GPN 37

Drywall Track Fastening

Sometimes a powder-actuated system is more than you need. When you have a high-volume, repetitive job like attaching drywall track to standard-strength concrete or steel, Hilti gas-actuated fasteners are fast, durable and cost-efficient. You can even step up to gas-actuated fastening systems for attaching track to concrete slabs, concrete over metal deck, concrete masonry unit (CMU) block or steel.