Electrical Supports

Hilti's modular systems can support all of your cable tray needs. From single trays to complex multi-tiered systems, modular supports give you the flexibility you need. Additionally, with Hilti’s wide range of Anchoring and Direct Fastening portfolio, you can fasten directly to concrete or clamp to steel without damaging the base material like a welded frame. 


Benefits of Hilti's Modular Support System

Easy on-site adjustments

With adjustable supports for single or multi-tier systems, Hilti's modular system can be attached directly to existing steel structures. 

Productivity and flexibility

Hilti's modular system offers a bolted solution with no welding required so you can do more with less. 

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Simplified software

Our new PROFIS Modular Supports Engineering software helps make it easy to analyze, design, and model modular supports.

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Piping Support Applications

Energy and Industry

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Seismic Bracing

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