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New Listing for CFS-EOS QuickSeal

September 14, 2020 - Hilti's CFS-EOS QuickSeal listing offering has now been expanded to include a tested assembly solution for precast concrete panels. Intertek listing HI/BPF 120-25 Perimeter Fire Barrier System offers designers and installers unprecedented speed and productivity when installing perimeter fire protection for precast concrete panel applications. CFS-EOS QS Edge of Slab Quickseal is Hilti's firestop preformed solution for sealing edge-of-slab joints with a high-speed, no-mess, spray-free installation.

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*NEW* Angled Wall UL Listing for CFS-TTS MD Top Track Seal

September 8, 2020 - Hilti has released the industry’s first head-of-wall firestopping system for angled partition walls. The new listing - HW-D-0907 - uses CFS-TTS MD Top Track Seal, our new and innovative solution for firestopping metal deck head-of-wall applications. This new system will allow designers and contractors to install a tested and listed system for this increasingly popular wall design, instead of relying on engineering judgments for this application as was required in the past. F-ratings of up to 2 hours can be achieved with this system.

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Through penetration firestop systems tested to withstand movement

April 24, 2020 - Over the life of a building, movement occurs - causing a penetrating item of a through penetration to move relevant to the hole, even when rigidly supported. This may impact the performance of a rated firestopping assembly. It’s important to have a method to consider movement and the impact on firestopping.

Hilti is the first manufacturer to have UL certified firestop systems with movement capability of the system tested and documented in the respective UL listings. We have successfully tested and certified a variety of our systems, from those that use sealants, such as FS-ONE Max, to preformed devices, such as the speed sleeve CP 653 or firestop blocks CFS-BL.

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Product News

All-Weather High Build Intumescent Paint has arrived

September 18, 2020 - Introducing Hilti’s All-Weather High Build CFP-SP AWHB, a new solvent-based intumescent steel protection solution. AWHB brings incredible innovation and productivity to Hilti's steel protection portfolio, which includes water-based intumescent solution Fire Finish 120+ CFP-SP WB.

AWHB allows for both internal and external exposed steel, and can be applied at temperatures ranging from 5°F to 122°F. This allows the applicator to spray during a variety of weather conditions. This product requires no primer and can be applied at 150 mils wet film thickness per coat, up to three times more per application than other intumescent coatings in the market. Drying to touch in 30 minutes, AWHB has been optimized for both 60 minutes and 120 minutes, and helps to provide maximum productivity for a wide variety of projects. 

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CFS-TTS R OS (Reveal) Now Available!

July 24, 2020 - Top Track Seal “Reveal” CFS-TTS R OS is our new solution for pre-formed head-of-wall fire stopping applications where finished looks are desired. The newest addition to our innovative Top Track Seal portfolio is offered in a matte black foil, which provides a clean look with no need for additional sealants, drywall compound or joint coverings.

The all-in-one design of Hilti Firestop Top Track Seal CFS-TTS R OS eliminates cumbersome cleaning and installation steps associated with firestop caulks and sprays to improve jobsite productivity. Simply unroll the Top Track Seal material, cut to length as necessary, saddle your metal track with CFS-TTS R OS and install as you would a bare track prior to attaching gypsum board. Hilti Firestop Top Track Seal delivers a continuous seal and has been tested and approved in accordance with UL 2079 and CAN/ULC-S115 standards.

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New submittal Generator for Fastening & Fire Protection Products

July 15, 2020 - Check out the new submittal generator for fastening and fire protection products, available for the US and Canada. New features include a mobile-friendly user interface, the ability to select documents to include in a submittal package, delivery by download or email, as well as other options to customize the package. Technical data, material safety data sheets, installation instructions, product approvals, and more are all accessible from our submittal generator. Preparing submittal documentation for the wide variety of Hilti solutions has never been so easy.

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Seminars and Events

Register for Hilti's Firestop Life Safety Seminar: An Overview

September 2, 2020 - Join us for our upcoming webinar on September 16, 2020 at 11:00 am (CDT) and September 17, 2020 at 2:00 pm. Gain an overview of firestopping basics, requirements, best practices, and innovations for your projects.

This course provides a general introduction and review of firestop for project managers, contractors, and designers. Upon completing this session, the participant should understand the basics of firestopping, including the applicable model codes and standards. Participants should have a basic understanding of firestop system testing, including testing for secondary attributes and be able to select appropriate systems for an application. Participants will also gain an understanding of firestopping best practices, available resources and firestopping innovations for various applications.

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July LEED and Sustainability Webinar

June 30, 2020 - Our GREEN BUILDING 101: PRODUCT CONTRIBUTION FOR SUSTAINABLE DESIGN webinar will take place July 15, 11:00 am (CDT) and July 16, 2:00 pm (CDT). This session is accredited with AIA for 1 LU-HSW. Learn about the relevant standards and trends in Green Building in North America, and how construction projects can contribute to environmental well-being and occupant health.

Green Building has become a huge topic of discussion among architects, designers and engineers in recent years. Join us for this webinar where we will provide an overview of green building trends, the relevant building standards (LEED v3 v4, & v4.1, WELL, Living Building Challenge and others), and how construction products contribute to the health of occupants and the overall environment. Finally, we will also cover how to analyze product declarations and certifications for your project needs including numerous databases that can assist you with this process.

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