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Curtain Wall and Edge of Slab

Fire barrier systems for single spandrel, zero spandrel, and steel back pan configurations

Hilti’s vast library of firestop solutions ranging from traditional spandrel designs, 100% vision glass or EIFS are unrivaled in the industry.

firestop for curtain wall and edge of slab

Generally, the model building codes require the void between a rated floor assembly and a non-rated exterior wall, such as a curtain wall, shall be protected by a listed firestop system.  But, the complexities of modern-day façades are pushing the limits of fire safety and forcing manufacturers to develop innovative firestop solutions to solve today’s design challenges.

Where unique designs demand customized solutions, Hilti’s extensive firestop experience, in conjunction with a comprehensive firestop systems portfolio, enable us to provide the right solutions to meet your project specific perimeter firestopping needs. 

Need assistance? Contact our experienced team of fire protection engineers who will gladly help you find the right system or engineering judgment for your project.

full vision glass firestopping system

Full Vision Glass

Hilti is the first and only manufacturer to have a tested perimeter fire barrier system for full vision glass. The system (HI/BPF 120-11) provides an aesthetically pleasing fire-rated assembly for floor-to-ceiling glass designs with Class IV movement capabilities in a fully unitized assembly.

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firestopping for steel back pan

Steel Back Pan

Used commonly on unitized and stick built curtain wall systems, the back pan or shadow box system offers architects, fabricators and façade installers numerous benefits.

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