Medical Equipment Supports

Supporting the surgical suites of tomorrow, today.

Medical technology is constantly changing. Advancing. With the goal of improving patient care and hospital productivity. To stay on the cutting edge, you need support systems that can easily adapt to the latest equipment so that you can improve efficiency, shorten facility downtime, and reduce the impact on patients and staff.

Our medical support solution offers:

  • The ability to quickly adapt operating room suites with the latest technology to attract and retain the best surgical staff
  • Large structural plane with modular connections to help ensure surgical suite productivity with minimal downtime
  • The opportunity to select new medical equipment at the last minute without increasing design and construction costs
  • Coordination, organization, and support for all equipment (Imaging, Medical Gas, Data, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing) to minimize future renovation costs
medical equipment supports

Our engineering support team is ready to provide technical assistance relating to our MT Install system including technical data, load calculations, and AutoCAD objects and drawings. We’ll help you convert an existing set of supports into the equivalent Hilti system or design a customized solution specific to your project needs.

Call our Installation Systems Engineering team at 800-363-4458, or contact us online.