Earthquake Design Solutions

Products, services, and software for seismic applications

In seismic zones, routine construction challenges take on added importance. Hilti has invested in research and product development to help you achieve the earthquake design solutions and approvals you need.

In addition, we’ve developed multiple anchor and firestop systems for seismic applications. And our extensive education and engineering resources put greater insight and knowledge at your fingertips. 

earthquake design solutions
NEES research at UCSD

Leverage hands-on experience

Give your seismic designs the benefit of our active participation in the Network of Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) research conducted at the University of California, San Diego earthquake test facility. Through test data and videos taken at that facility, we’ve been able to document performance and generate additional earthquake design solutions.

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seismic approvals

Access current approvals and reports

Put your seismic design approvals on a fast track with the wealth of experience in earthquake design solutions contained in our library of approvals and reports. These include a variety of anchoring, direct fastening and firestop applications recognized by leading names in construction industry specifications: International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), LEED, City of Los Angeles (COLA), CAL FIRE, UL, FM, ABS and more.

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PROFIS Design Software

Design with seismic-compatible software

You can also leverage our experience to pinpoint earthquake design solutions to your challenges—including full compatibility with a comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM)/CAD object database. Use our PROFIS Design software suite and mobile apps to satisfy seismic design considerations and calculations across a variety of application areas—anchors, steel roof and floor decking, cast-in anchor channels, cable transit, and more.

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Post-Installed Anchor Seismic Design

When you are designing or building in medium- to high-seismic zones—Design Categories C through F—you need more than just promises; you need proof.  Our educational and documentation resources provide anchor system seismic performance and acceptance criteria across a variety of test standards and industry approval resources.

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Metal Deck Fastening Seismic Design

Ductility and the ability to dissipate energy under cyclical seismic loading conditions are key concerns about steel deck diaphragm integrity in an earthquake. Hilti mechanical fastening systems for attaching steel decking to bar joists and structural steel have shown superior performance in both areas, as compared to spot welds. (See the accompanying videos.)

In fact, Hilti X-HSN 24 frame fasteners designed for fastening steel deck to bar joists and X-ENP-19 frame fasteners for fastening decking to thicker structural beams are both qualified for design in seismic zones, with ICC-ES, FM, and UL approvals and COLA certificates. They provide installation efficiencies in terms of speed and consistent quality as well.

metal deck fastening seismic design
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Hilti Deck Fastener vs. Single Puddle Weld

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Hilti Deck Fasteners vs. Double Puddle Welds