Royal Adelaide Hospital

A total Hilti solution for a large project with strict safety regulations

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The Project

South Australia’s $2.3 billion Royal Adelaide Hospital is scheduled to open in 2017. It will be the most technologically advanced and largest accredited teaching hospital in the region and is sure to draw top researchers in their fields not only in Australia, but also from around the world.

According to Design Inc., the hospital has been designed with an ambitious 50% target reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to equivalent hospitals. A co-generation system will utilize waste heat from energy generators to provide the primary source of heating to the building’s domestic hot water system. Orientation of the buildings is optimized to minimize solar thermal loads with extensive daylight penetration to reduce artificial lighting requirements. Rainwater harvesting will be used to offset potable water requirements along with extensive use of water sensitive landscaping and a water efficient thermal plant.

The Hilti Difference

This 275,000 square meter hospital building consists of more than 100,000 cubic meters of reinforced and post-tensioned concrete; however, one of the biggest design challenges was the stringent “post-disaster requirement” which stated that the hospital shall remain fully functional and be able to operate in “island mode” for 48 hours after a severe earthquake or other natural disaster.  Because of this, the building structure and most of the non-structural fastenings were required to meet high performance standards including seismic design. Hilti engineers worked closely with the leading structural and civil consultants on the project to find the best anchoring solutions to meet the project’s special requirements. Hilti’s international seismic approvals for both mechanical and adhesive anchors gave the project team flexibility in their product selection. 

Additionally, installing internal electrical fastenings required compliance with strict Health & Safety regulations which included a dustless work environment. Hilti account managers worked closely with contractors on the project to find the best tools to meet their installation needs. Project contractors, recognizing the importance of installation productivity and cost competitiveness, signed a contract for nearly 300 tools under Hilti’s Tool Fleet Management program.

Product Spotlight

Hilti is pioneering research to extensively test systems for seismic performance in order to support our specifiers and contractors with products capable of withstanding seismic loads. Visit our Seismic Design center to find out more about how some of our products are ready to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.

Hilti’s Dust Removal System (DRS) helps reduce the amount of dust generated in the work environment. Contractors can choose between a vacuum attachment for hammer drills or the new SafeSet hollow drill bit system with the VC 20/40 vacuum attachment to virtually eliminate dust on the jobsite. Additionally, the Tool Fleet Management program offers outstanding benefits to the customer such as fixed monthly costs, theft coverage, inclusive repairs, loaner tools, tool upgrades and tool inventory and labeling services.  Learn more about our best in-class fleet program below!