Post-tension concrete slab scanning for structural integrity reassurance

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The Project

According to Panchshil, an Indian real estate development company, Tech Park One sets the standard for development of integrated e-workspaces. The project, completed in 2006-2007, is a unique IT Park equipped with high-tech support services and exclusive amenities. Covering an area of 1,000,000 square feet in Pune, India’s central business district on Airport Road, Tech Park One is a preferred hub for multinational and Fortune 500 companies. Tech Park One received the award for Office Architecture (India) at the 2010 Asia Pacific Commercial Property Awards due to its expert design and robust infrastructure.

The Hilti Difference

The utility contractor for the Tech Park One project needed to install utilities by anchoring underneath the building’s slab. The contractor began drilling on the marked post-tension tendon locations, where drilling is not permitted. This action put the structural integrity of the building in question. The architect and the developer requested that the condition of the tendons at the drilled locations be checked for any structural damage.

Hilti team members worked with the project team to identify the PS 1000 X-Scan system as the solution that addressed both the architect and the developer’s needs. Hilti account managers also worked side by side with the project team to ensure that they understood how to use the tool and interpret the accompanying scan report readout. The scanning exercise showed that none of the tendons were damaged during the contractor’s utility drilling. As the structure was found to be safe, there was no need to invest in remedial strengthening. This result gave both the architect and the developer peace-of-mind. It also saved the developer from having to invest in remedial strengthening of the slab.

Product Spotlight

The PS 1000 X-Scan system provides real-time view of the inside of concrete structures and generates true images automatically for direct on-site evaluation of scan data by the user – no expert skills required. The tool displays a top view of the scan for easy object mapping plus cross sections in both directions for easy identification of multiple layers in concrete structures. The PS 1000 is particularly useful for minimizing the chance of hitting concealed objects when drilling anchor holes, through holes, diamond coring or performing sawing work. As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once.”  With the PS 1000 in your toolbox, be sure of what lies beneath and avoid costly mistakes on your project!