PROFIS Modular Supports Engineering

Customized, code compliant structural design and analysis using the new modular supports portfolio

PROFIS Modular Supports Engineering (MSE) is a unique digital platform with the ability to run engineering analysis in 3D. Switch between various profiles and connectors for the preferred/optimized solution, generate complete bill of materials, and quickly export to REVIT and other 3D modelling tools – all in one state of the art web based software solution.

PROFIS MSE provides an API connection to other industry software applications. Design with HILTI's latest and most efficient modular system in your existing STAAD.Pro environment. 

PROFIS MSE is currently only available in the US and Canada.


Structural analysis made simple. Easy-to-use, even for non-engineers. 


What you see is what you get. Intuitive design and visual workflow renders the solution in real time. 


Value engineering within a few clicks. Switch bewteen various sections and connections to optimize the solution for your conditions. 

Features of PROFIS MSE

Screenshot of structural supports in 3D static system

Design standards

Verify your calculations and designs meet regulatory standards. PROFIS MSE helps validate solutions and load calculations to adhere to Steel Design Codes.

Hilti site screenshot of installation channels

3D Analysis

Model and analyze structural supports in a 3D static system and quickly generate reports on connector and channel utilization.

Screenshot of structural supports template

Export to 3D/BIM standards

Export calculations and parametric model elements to industry standard formatted for inclusion into the BIM/3D model. 

Screenshot of structural supports of fixed-point design

Typicals library

Pre-load existing typicals libraries and load standards for quick verification.

Screenshot of structural supports of seismic design

Product selection and value engineering

Easily designate inventories of available materials and switch between members and joint connections to select the appropriate assembly. 

Screenshot of structural installation supports

BOM and fabrication information

Export BOM and fabrication information as single typicals or consolidated batch files with purchasing details and cutting lists.