Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification Program

Currently offered in the New York City Metro Area only.

Hilti, Inc. now offers an adhesive anchor installer certification program to train and certify installers of adhesive anchors in accordance with the 2012 International Building Code (2012 IBC). The Hilti Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification Program (HAAICP)* is available in New York City to all construction professionals who desire to improve their knowledge in this area and/or who seek to fulfill the code requirement for certification in cases where adhesive anchors are to be installed in horizontal or upwardly inclined orientations to support sustained (e.g., gravity) loads.

*HAAICP is offered as an "equivalent" program per ACI 318-11 Appendix D Section D.9.2.2. It has been deemed acceptable by the New York City Department of Buildings for projects in New York City. "Equivalence" in other jurisdictions must be determined by the Project Engineer or Authority Having Jurisdiction. 

The Hilti Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification Program is designed to verify that certified individuals possess the necessary skills and knowledge to properly install adhesive anchors in concrete. The installers attend a one-day course in which they are required to pass both a written and hands-on exam. Upon successful execution of both exams, they are issued a certification card valid for 3 years.


Hilti will publish the available dates for the Hilti Adhesive Anchor Certification Installer Program (“Class”) for the greater New York City area, by publication on the registration website. Class size is limited, and enrollment will generally be on a first-come, first-serve basis, although Hilti reserves the right to reject a registration for any or no reason.

Registration will close the earlier of midnight the Thursday before the Class date, or when the Class is full.

Your registration is considered an “offer” to take the Class. Your registration will be considered “accepted” and your participation in the Class confirmed upon completion of the on-line registration, payment of the Class fee, and your receipt of a confirming email from Hilti. By registering you agree to these Terms and Conditions and any interpretation by Hilti thereof. 

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Course Information

Course locations: 
Please visit registration website above for current course location information.

This one day course is offered on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Please see registration for available dates and locations.

Registration/check-in starts at 7:30 AM and the course finishes at 4:30 PM. 

Individuals attending the course for the first time must register for the full course at $300 per person. If you do not pass one of the exams, register on a future date for the portion you failed. Registration can be done for both individuals or groups.

  • Full course - $300 per persom
  • Written re-examination only - $50 per person
  • Hands-on re-examination only (Vertical Down Installation - traditional drilling) - $75 per person
  • Hands-on re-examination only (Vertical Upward Installation - piston plug) - $75 per person

Certification card: 
Upon the successful completion of both the written and hands-on exam, the installer will receive a Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification card valid for 3 years.

Study resources: 
Online study material is provided for individuals that register for the program. You will have access to this material from your welcome email. Pre-study of these materials is necessary to optimize your success during the course. 

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The installer certification card is valid for 3 years. After this time the installer must retake the course if they desire to maintain their certification.

Pass/Fail notification: 
You will be required to pass both a written and hands-on exam to receive certification. Pass/fail criteria, and whether you meet the passing criteria, are at the sole discretion of Hilti. If you fail the written exam, you must register to re-take it on another day. If you fail the hands-on exam, you will be allowed to retake it on the same day – if you fail a second time, you must register to retake it on another day. 

Cancelation policy: 
To cancel your initial Class date and obtain a refund, you must notify Hilti via email at at least two weeks prior to Class day. FAILURE TO PROVIDE TWO WEEKS NOTICE OF CANCELATION WILL RESULT IN YOUR PAYMENT BEING NON-REFUNDABLE; AND IF YOU DO NOT RESCHEDULE YOUR CLASS, YOUR PAYMENT IS FORFEITED. Failure to appear on your scheduled Class day will be treated as a same-day cancelation, and your registration and payment will be forfeited. 

To reschedule a Class date, you must notify Hilti via email at at least one day prior to your scheduled Class day. FAILURE TO PROVIDE ONE DAY NOTICE OF RESCHEDULING WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF REGISTRATION AND FORFEITURE OF YOUR PAYMENT. You may only reschedule your Class date one time. 

Hilti reserves the right to cancel any Class up until 5 calendar days prior to the scheduled Class date for any or no reason. If your Class is cancelled, you will be notified and provided the option of cancelling your registration for a full refund, or rescheduling for another Class date. 


The following study material will be available once you have registered for a class and have received your confirmation email.

  • Hilti Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification Program presentation video
  • Adhesive anchor case study article
  • Installation videos

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