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Powder-Actuated Tool DX 2

If you’re looking for an all-purpose powder-actuated fastening tool that is nimble yet powerful enough to handle a variety of jobs, consider this. While the Hilti Powder-Actuated Tool DX 2 has been designed, built and priced for routine fastening applications, the versatility and productivity you’ll experience are anything but routine.


Its ergonomic handgrip fits an installer’s hand as well as its sleek nose profile fits into tight spaces on any fastening job. And its single-fastener loading is particularly versatile for spot-fastening needs across multiple routine applications, while semiautomatic operations streamline fastening efforts.

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Hilti powder-actuated fastening tool DX-2

The Hilti DX 2 is designed for many routine applications and built to withstand the toughest job site conditions.

Performance meets endurance

With a compact design and more than a dozen compatible fastener types, the Hilti Powder-Actuated Tool DX 2 is built to do more. And with all-metal construction and built-in Hilti quality, it is built to do it longer.

  • Adapt to work ranging from thin metal drywall track to 2"x4"s, thanks to a broad selection of job-specific fastener types and cartridge strengths—all part of Hilti’s matched-tolerance system for tool, fastener and cartridge.
  • Adjust tool power output levels for perfect penetration depth in steel or concrete.
  • Speed assembly with semiautomatic operation using 10-round cartridge strips.
  • Keep installers productive with simple tool operation and easy maintenance.
  • Be confident in durable performance and long service life with strong all-aluminum body.
  • Buy with assurance because the Hilti DX 2 is covered by Hilti’s Tool Warranty, simply the best in the industry

More ways to get more from your investment

A compact format, ergonomic design and versatile fastener options enable you to use the Hilti Powder-Actuated Tool DX 2 for routine applications just about anywhere you can imagine.

  • Waterproofing—Attach termination bars and moisture barriers (thin waterproofing membrane) to concrete.
  • Interior finishing—Attach drywall track to concrete or steel; suspend overhead acoustical ceiling grid.
  • Mechanical and electrical—Install conduit runs and junction boxes; attach overhead ductwork.
  • Building construction—Affix wood sill plates, kicker plates, drywall track, insulation, mesh and more to concrete and steel.

Affordable versatility

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