Drill. Drive. Remove. Repeat

Imagine what you can do with the first and only reusable screw anchor on the market.

We heard your concerns about the waste and cost of anchors that get used and discarded in temporary applications like tilt-up bracing, scaffolding, railings and concrete forms. And we responded with the Hilti Kwik HUS solution. It’s a one-of-a-kind screw anchor that’s versatile enough to deliver productivity time and again—at a lower average cost per fastening point.

With Kwik HUS, you’ll save every step of the way. You can order fewer products, install them quicker and reuse them as many as 20 times. 

●  Drill. As with other Hilti anchor products, installation of Kwik HUS starts with a clean hole (and with no special bits required). But the similarities end there.

●  Drive. With the Kwik HUS anchor, there’s no need to hammer the anchor in before tightening. Simply drive the anchor in with an impact wrench with a single motion—and save up to 50 percent of the required installation time.

●  Remove. When it’s time to move on, simply reverse the impact wrench, and back the Kwik HUS anchor out of the mounting hole. Then, check its fit with the size-matched “go/no-go” Hilti reusability gauge (HRG). As long as the anchor does not protrude past the end of the gauge, you can reuse it on the next job. (Check load values for initial and subsequent uses.)

●  Repeat. Shift to your next project and start saving all over again—with quick installation, quick removal and safe recycling—up to 20 times per anchor.