Laser Distance Measurer PD-C

Real-world measurement, really fast.

How many hours do you spend organizing your measurements on paper? How much time do you waste having to re-do measurements on the job? Do your workers have all the right dimensions? 


Eliminate everyday hassles with the Hilti Laser Distance Measurer PD-C—the all-in-one digital tool with the power to capture, manage, and manipulate jobsite details and drive productivity.  


What starts as a laser distance measuring tool—effective from up to 656 feet away—becomes a project management tool with the power to measure, calculate, annotate and disseminate details with laser-fast speed and accuracy, and with single-handed convenience.

a tool made especially for busy estimators, contractors and supervisors who need precise measurements fast

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Hilti laser range meter PD-C

his camera and touch screen enabled camera allows you to capture measurements, take photos of the targeted area and sketch measurements directly onto the screen.

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Capture targets

Locate targets quickly and easily with the built-in digital camera. Share data via Android app technology. Use context-sensitive help features to take direct or indirect measurements, or to calculate area and volume easily

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Create context

Capture measurements directly to folders organized for each project/jobsite. Document object photos with on-screen comments and actual measurements. Store up to 4GB of detail in internal memory

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Connect and download

Capture and share key project details in less time. Share data easily in PDF or CSV format, and transfer to other devices via USB or Bluetooth. Use 4 GB memory to save and export more than 3,000 photos as .jpg image files, including measurements and notes

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Read about applications and features, product specifications, accessories, technical documentation and more on the Laser Distance Measurer PD-C product page. 

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