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Self-Leveling Laser PM 2-LG

Multi-tasking accuracy.

When you can knock out two or more tasks with a single tool, you can save serious time and money. That’s why the Hilti Self-leveling Laser PM 2-LG combines such features as high-visibility green lasers, multi-angle marking, auto-leveling and a rugged outer chassis. So you can quickly, accurately cross more tasks off your to-do list. 


Most important, the self-leveling PM 2-LG laser delivers up to four times greater visibility as compared to a standard red beam. That means you can see the value every time you use it.

Leverage greater advantages

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  • Green laser beam provides sharp, fine, high-visibility lines for greater accuracy at greater distances

  • Independent or simultaneous laser lines in both horizontal and vertical axes provide a large fan angle to cover wider working areas

  • Locking feature on the self-leveling pendulum, plus a rubber-coated housing protect the tool in rough construction environments

  • Ergonomic design and intuitive controls make even the least experienced personnel more productive

Align more work

Self Leveling Laser PM 2 LG

With a highly visible green laser beam and a wide fan angle, , the Hilti Self-Leveling Laser PM 2-LG marks broader areas at greater distances—making it especially effective for indoor applications.

  • Level suspended ceilings

  • Align pipes vertically or horizontally

  • Level and align doors and windows

  • Level electric sockets, cable trays, conduit, and radiators

  • Transfer reference heights quickly and easily