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Cordless Drill Driver SF 10W-A18

Powerful performance. Cordless productivity.

Take performance further with the Hilti Cordless Drill Driver SF 10W-A18. Leave the generator and extension cords behind and still drill holes through wood as fast as you can with a corded drill—or faster. It features four settings for just the right torque and speed. Plus it works in metal. So you can cut the cord—and still get plenty of power. 

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SF 10W-A18
  • High-speed drilling in wood 
  • Drilling with spade bits up to 1-1/2” (in wood) 
  • Drilling with hole saws up to 6” (in wood)
  • High-torque and high-speed drilling in metal up to 1/2” diameter)


  • Move freely with cordless power
  • Work harder with 1062 in-pound torque
  • Work longer with all-metal gears and high-efficiency motor
  • Work smarter with four speeds and more RPMs for drilling metal 


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