This fire protection system has you covered, top to bottom.

CFS-TTS Top Track Seal

For interior gypsum-board walls using metal frame construction this unique Hilti firestop solution provides a lot more than just fire protection with a lot less effort.  Because it is designed to conform to the shape of top-of-wall and bottom-of-wall metal tracks, it fills the gap between the metal and concrete surfaces to help overcome concrete imperfections and help seal out fire, smoke, and sound drafts. 

Eliminate the need for messy caulks and sprays

The all-in-one design of Hilti Firestop Top Track Seal CFS-TTS eliminates cumbersome cleaning and installation steps associated with firestop caulks and sprays to improve job site productivity. Simply roll the strip out, cut to length as necessary, wrap the metal track and install it as you would a bare track before installing the gypsum board. Hilti Firestop Top Track Seal CFS-TTS delivers a continuous sela and has been tested and approved per the revised UL 2079 standard.

CFS-TTS Top Track Seal

Stopping fire is just the beginning

Recent trends in construction demand greater performance in acoustics, energy efficiency, mold resistance, and others. Top Track Seal (CFS-TTS) blends these design requirements in a single firestop solution.


Superior acoustics

  • STC of 57 (single wall)
  • STC of 61 (double wall)

Air Leakage

  • L-ratings less than 1 CFM/LF at ambient and 400°F (hot and cold smoke) for ALL listed firestop systems


  • 2-3 times the movement of sealants depending on system


  • Mold and mildew resistant (ASTM G21)
  • No wash off


  • No sealant mess
  • Joint can be left exposed or can be finished with tape and mud, deflection beads, caulk, etc..


  • Firestop tested systems with fire ratings up to 2-hrs
  • Eliminate guesswork. Always proper depth of material
  • Tested per UL 2079 5th edition (effective summer 2017)
  • No shelf life
  • No Red List ingredients

What our customers are saying

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Technical Data

Length: 10 ft

Quantity per box: 20 (total 200 ft)

Storage & transporation temperature: 14°F - 104°F

Application temperature: 23°F - 104°F

STC-rating (ASTM E90): Up to 61 (per specific construction)

VOC: 22g/L

Mold & mildew performance: Class 0 (ASTM G21)

Surface burning characteristic (ASTM E84): Flame spread: 10; Smoke development: 20

UL tested systems: 1hr & 2hr

Movement capability: 50% compression and extension; 66% extension only

Air leakage (L-rating): Less than 1 CFM/FL at ambient and 400°F

Living Building Challenge: No ingredients listed on red list

Specify With Ease

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Applicable CSI Divisions include 078400 Firestopping, 078443 Joints Firestopping, 092216 Non-Structural Metal Framing.

Systems HW-D-0757, HW-D 0758, BW-S-0039, BW-S-0040, WW-S-0074, WW-S-0075