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Gear Up For Fall Event

September 10-21, 2018

Purchase and receive

At no additional charge when you spend the qualifying amount on consumables, accessories and packages*

Purchase any combination of qualifying:

beat the heat offers

Bits, blades, ON!Track products or services, anchors, pins, firestop, collated screws, cordless trade packages, dust control packages, retrofit kits, Safeset packages, gas saw offers, measuring special offers or other items featured on this page to receive limited edition Hilti gear.

Be sure to include the promotional item number on your initial qualifying order before you check out.

*Exclusions: Single drywall screws, Installation systems, repair parts, cordless flex tool pack offers, and all tool items not listed in the promotional flyer (exception of BX, GX, and DX tools pin combo package). Consumables are items intended: for one-time use; to be installed and remain on a project; or as inserts attached to a power tool output shaft. Accessories are items intended: for mulitple use as an added enhancement or feature to the tool.

12 Volt Kit
Spend $2,000

Receive a 12V 4-tool kit at no additional cost.
SF-2H-A, SID 2-A, SFD 2-A, SL 2-A

Add qualifying incentive #3602836 to your order
Radio charger and battery
Spend $3,000

Receive a radio charger and 22V 3.0 Ah battery

Add qualifying incentive #3602837 to your order
Spend $4,000

SID 4-A22, SF 6H-A22, tool bag, charger

Add qualifying incentive #3602971 to your order
YETI Hilti Cooler
Spend $5,000

Rolling tool chest

Add qualifying incentive #3602972 to your order
National Sales Event Featured Items
Spend $12,000

Receive all featured items

Add qualifying incentive #3603015 to your order

Qualifying Offers

Packages, consumables, and accessories

Cordless Trade Packages

Trades: Interior finishing, mechanical and electrical, building construction, steel and metal, civil, power and utilties, oil and gas.

Shop cordless trade packages
Combihammer, Demolition Hammers, and Breaker Packages

Packages qualify to receive a Hilti vacuum at no additional charge.
A variety of packages are offered such as rotary hammers, grinders, combihammers, demoltion hammers, and breakers.

Shop combihammer, demolition hammers and breaker packages
Core Rig Offers Shop core rig offers
Hilti National Sales Event Epoxy Anchors
Epoxy Safeset Anchor Packages Shop epoxy anchor packages
Cutter and crimper packages
Knockout, Cutter and Crimper Packages Shop knockout, cutter and crimper packages
Gas Saw Offers Shop gas saw offers
Small Tool Kit Offers Shop small tool kit offers
Laser Measuring Packages Shop laser measure offers
Cordless Kit Offers Shop cordless kit offers

Website Loyalty Program

Are you registered for the Hilti Website Loyalty program?

Loyalty customers who spend $1,500 or more on qualifying website consumable or packages orders will receive a $50 Consumable Credit Voucher. Only available September 10 - 21, 2018.

*Offers valid September 10-21, 2018 through all Hilti Stores, Customer Service and the Hilti website. Customers may qualify for promotional items based on their spending on bits, blades, consumables and/or special promotional offers/packages listed in this offer. Prices do not include tax or shipping. Hilti may cancel offers at any time without notice. Offers only apply to purchases direct from Hilti and only available while supplies last. Limit of five promotional items per customer ($12,000 level counts as 1 promotional item), and customer may choose to combine different promotional items on the same qualifying order. Promotional item number(s) must be included on the initial qualifying order. Exclusions include single drywall screws, Installation systems, repair parts, cordless flex tool pack offers, and all tool items not listed in the promotional flyer (exception of BX, GX, and DX tools pin combo package). Promotional items will ship to the 

“ship-to” address listed on the order. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery of promotional items following the end of the event. May not be combined with any other offer. Offer is not available to Authorized Distributors, Resellers, Big Box Stores & accounts restricted to participate in promotions. Independent rental companies are included in this offer. Other rental customers should contact their Hilti representative regarding eligibility. Government accounts are excluded from spend levels $5,000 and $12,000. Offers void where prohibited by law, regulation, or customer rules. See your Hilti representative for details. Return of product which results in initial order falling below qualifying levels will result in promotional item being billed to purchaser at full value. Separate orders may not be combined to reach qualifying levels. Recipient of promotional items responsible for all associated taxes. Past orders do not qualify. Monthly charges require Fleet account. See your Hilti representative for complete details.  


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