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te 4-a22

Get Power and Mobility for Repetitive Drilling with the TE 4-A22

Low weight for superior handling in serial applications


Te 4-A22 application
  • Repetitive drilling in all directions in concrete and masonry; recommended drilling diameter range 5 - 12 mm
  • Occasional drilling in wood, steel and plastics using a special chuck adapter 
  • Screw-driving using the special bit holder


Te 4-A22 application
  • First-class performance-to-weight ratio
  • High battery capacity - drills more holes per battery charge than cordless rotary hammers in the same class
  • Hammering mechanism specially designed for superior drilling performance up to 12 mm diameter

TE DRS 4-A On-board vacuum system for convenient dust collection

TE 4-A22 with DRS system


  • Built-in motor for maximum system efficiency
  • Virtually dustless drilling - removes up to 98% of dust
  • Provides 100% suction power from the start
  • Easy, single handed attachment to the power tool
  • No vacuum cleaner or additional hoses are required


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