ConExpo 2017

Special offers available March 6-12, 2017

Measuring Special Offers


Rotating laser PR 2-HS Contractor Kit

Includes PR 2-HS A12, 1x Battery pack B12/2.6, 1x Battery charger C4/12-50, 1x PRA 79 Slope adapter, 1x Tripod PUA 25

$1,369 or $42.95 per month*


Laser range meter PD-C + PD 5 Combo

Includes 1x PD-C with charger and pouch, 1x PD 5 with pouch

$1,399 or $56.48 per month*

Dustless Special Offer

TE 70-ATC and VC 40-U

Combihammer TE 70-ATC/AVR +VC 40-U + DRS -Y

Includes TE 70-ATC/AVR, 1x TE-YX 3/4”-13”, 1x TE-YP SM 36, 1x Universal vacuum cleaner VC 40-U 120V, 1x Dust removal system, TE DRS-Y case

$3,699 or $116.11 per month*

Diamond Special Offer

DSH 700-X and SFD 2-A

Hand-held gas saw DSH 700-X + Subcompact cordless screwdriver SFD 2-A

Includes DSH 700-X 14”, 1x Cordless drill driver SFD 2-A bulk, 1x Battery pack B 12/2.6, 1x Battery charger C 4/12-50, 1x Bag 12 V soft, 1x Belt hook SF / SI

$999 or $122.27 per month*

Cordless special offer

TE6A and DRS 6-A

Rotary hammer TE 6-A + Dust removal system DRS 6-A

Includes TE 6-A36-AVR, TE DRS 6A, 2x B 36 2.6Ah Compact li-ion batteries, C 4/36-ACS Charger, 4x TE-CX Bits (1/4”-6”, 3/8”-6”, 2x 1/2”-6”)

$1,199 or $46.37 per month*

Additional Offers

3 tool 12V combo kit

Spend $3,000 and receive a 3 Tool 12V Combo Kit

Item 3544289

Some exclusions apply.**

Grizzy Cooler offer

Spend $5,000 and receive a 60qt Hilti Branded Grizzly® Cooler***

Item 3544291

Some exclusions apply**

Offers valid March 6–12, 2017 through all Hilti Stores, Customer Service and Hilti Online. Prices do not include tax or shipping. Hilti may cancel offers at any time without notice. Offers only apply to purchases direct from Hilti, and only available while supplies last. Limit of 5 promotional items per customer. Separate orders may not be combined to reach qualifying levels. May not be combined with any other offer. Offer is not available to Authorized Distributors, Resellers, Rental, or Diamond Professional Contractors. Offers void where prohibited by law, regulation, or customer rules. See your Hilti representative for details. 

*Monthly charges require a Fleet account; see your Hilti representative for details regarding Fleet pricing. Standard Tool Fleet Management terms and conditions apply. 

**Customers may qualify for promotional items based on their spending on all Hilti items except these excluded items: Single Drywall Screws, Installation Systems, CP 606 Flexible Firestop Sealant, CP 506 Smoke & Acoustical Sealant and Repair Parts.

***Government accounts do not qualify for this offer.


They are some of the biggest jobsite efficiency killers: missing assets. Broken tools. Assets that aren’t where they need to be. These problems slow you down — and cost you money. Staying efficient while managing hundreds or thousands of assets across multiple jobsites is an entire job in and of itself. And it’s another job that we want to make easier.

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