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Data hooks

Suspended from rods or attached directly to walls/ceilings, self-closing data hooks are an easy, more productive solution for running data cables.

X-DH data hooks for drop rods X-DH data hooks for walls and ceilings

Bridle Rings

Install fire alarm cables and wires faster with this simpler solution designed for quicker installation. Available with or without plastic saddle ring.   

X-BR MX (for battery actuated tools) X-BR MX S (for battery actuated tools with saddle) X-BR (for powder-actuated tools) X-BR S (for powder-actuated tools with saddle)

MC Stackers

Guide MC cables on drop rods or attach to ceilings and walls with easier cable insertion and the ability to reopen for cable maintenance.

MC stackers for drop rods MC stackers for walls and ceilings

Installation Drill Driver SFE 2-A12

The industry’s first 12v 4-in-1 installation drill driver with a ½” chuck that offers versatility and flexibility for hard-to-access applications.

Learn more about the SFE 2-A12

Kwik Cast Connect Anchors KCC-WF and KCC-MD

Push-to-connect cast-in anchors delivering the ultimate productivity for installation of overhead hanger assemblies on wood formwork or metal deck.

Learn more about Kwik Cast Connect KCC-WF for wood form Learn more about Kwik Cast Connect KCC-MD short plate for metal deck Learn more about Kwik Cast Connect KCC-MD long plate for metal deck