Full 360° green multiline laser

The PM 30-MG gives precise and fast 360° aligning, leveling and squaring

Compact and uniquely designed multiline construction laser with flexible mounting options save time with leveling and alignment applications. 

a contractor uses the PM 30-MG on a jobsite

Features and functions with the jobsite in mind

PM 30-MG has a compact size and shape

Compact shape

Easy to make fine adjustment with the PM 30-MG

Fine adjustment

The PM 30-MG has flexible mounting options

Flexible mounting

Compact unique design with fine adjustment for easy squaring and fast set-up

The PM 30-MG is easy to attach due to it magnetic bracket

Mounting to steel frame structures

Precision is critical for measuring and alignment, so it's important that your tool doesn't move during a job. The PMA 89 magnetic bracket is the strongest in the market and makes working in steel frame structures easier and gives you more confidence.

More productivity and more precision

The PM 30-MG

When choosing a laser level there are many factors to consider. What are you building, are you laying commercial projects, installing drywalls or piping and fittings? Is the work indoors, outdoors, or maybe even a combination of both?

The answer to these questions will help you decide which is the right laser for your needs, and Hilti has a broad range of line, distance and rotating lasers that meet the diverse needs on a construction site.

The Hilti advantage

The PM 30-MG multiline construction laser builds on the sucess of the established PM 40-MG by adding new features that increase flexibility and functionality for interior applications.

Using an innovative, unique design, three green lasers are positioned on the outer surface of the the PM 30-MG to give full 360° coverage which allows contractors to easily position marker points for laying out drywall tracks or channels for piping and cabling. Aiding you in the precise alignment is a fine adjustment knob, which moves the base plate of the PM 30-MG, making it the perfect tool for interior applications.

Able to work at distances of up to 165 ft (with receiver PMA 31G), it's suitable for laying out floors (squaring), walls or ceilings, leveling suspended ceilings, transferring reference heights and aligning pipes as well as doors and windows. 

Whether it is the PM 30-MG or PM 40-MG you prefer, pick the tool that fits you best.

A range of accessories for every application

PMA 90 wall mounting bracket

PMA 90 wallmount and magnetic bracket

The PMA 90 is especially designed to be used for suspended ceiling applications. The sturdy bracket includes integrated height adjustment and a convenient screwing mechanism for levelling against the wall and is perfect for fast and precise set-up. Use it with our PMA 92 anti-fall cord for extra safety.

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PMA 89 wall mounting bracket

PMA 89 magnetic bracket

The magnetic bracket PMA 89 allows you to position your multiline laser on any magnetic surface. The strong magnets help to keep the laser safe in case somebody bumps into it. With its integrated feet you can easily work on the floor. And with it’s 1/4” and 5/8” thread the PM 30-MG can be mounted on any tripod.

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PMA 31 G receiver

PMA 31G receiver

With it’s outstanding visibility the green PM 30-MG has an excellent working range. In bright light conditions or over longer ranges, the PMA 31G helps you work precisely. The intuitive sound interface makes it easier to find the center of the laser beam. 

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PMA 20 tripod

PMA 20 tripod

Our compact tripod PMA 20 with 1/4” thread is extendable up to 1.2 m. It allows the user to set up the system quickly anywhere on the jobsite and work faster. The lightweight tripod can be easily carried.

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