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Pre-cut anchor rods for chemical anchoring

The better solution, no matter how you slice it.

As global leaders in chemical anchoring systems, Hilti has provided threaded rod for anchoring applications in materials such as concrete and masonry for many years.

As your partner, we offer a broad portfolio of high quality pre-cut Hilti anchor rods that enable you to complete your chemical anchoring applications efficiently, hassle-free, without compromising your budget. Our line of pre-cut anchor rods feature:

  • A wide variety of materials and sizes up to 1-1/4"
  • Standard sizes available off the shelf
  • Free of oil and other contaminations
  • Nuts and washers included
  • NEW: Now available with hot-dip galvanizing coating

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Save time with SafeSet

Hit-Z, the "zero-cleaning" rod

hit-z anchor rods

Combining our cone-shaped Hilti HIT-Z anchor rods with HIT-HY 200 adhesive, Hilti's SafeSet Technology will save time and labor during installation. 

With the Hilti Anchor Rod HIT-Z, you can skip the hole-cleaning process and go right from drilling the hole to inserting the HIT-HY 200 adhesive and setting the anchor.

Using the Hilti "zero cleaning" HIT-Z with SafeSet and the TE DRS-D dust removal system for drilling also means that you are minimizing the exposure to dust and work virtually dust free.  It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Shop HIT-Z Rods

HY 200 with HIT-Z anchors

Drill and clean holes for chemical anchors, in one single step.

hollow drill bits

There is also an option to use SafeSet™ Technology for all Hilti HAS and HIT-V anchor rods that are installed in conjunction with Hilti HY 200 or Hilti RE 500-V3 adhesive. The innovative Hilti SafeSet™ system with the hollow drill bit removes concrete dust as you drill, and thereby eliminates a half-dozen hole-cleaning steps. That's enough to reduce the time for installation labor by up to 60 percent as compared to traditional methods. This total solution works with Hilti SDS-Plus and SDS-Max hammer drill connections and select Hilti vacuums.

Shop SDS-Plus hollow drill bits

Shop SDS-Max hollow drill bits

HY 200 with Hollow Drill Bit and VC 20/40 Vacuum

Portfolio Overview

The right anchor rod for your application

threaded rod comparison table

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