Cost-efficient firestop compliance for cabling.

How do you maintain the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing infrastructure demands—such as evolving cable penetration configurations in electrical, telecom, datacom and healthcare applications—without compromising firestop ratings or protection against smoke migration?

Having faced such challenges for more than two decades, Hilti firestop specialists have developed and tested numerous fire protection solutions for cable penetrations that are as responsive to your needs as they are to your compliance demands. If you are looking for better alternatives for your compliance concerns, review our design considerations for cable management applications. Or ask a Hilti firestop specialist about alternatives based on your unique challenges

Innovative ideas for every application

New efficiencies for new construction

While installing firestop protection can be easier when you start with a clean slate, you also need to consider potential impacts of your choices for adding, removing or rerouting cables, bundles, conduit or cable trays in the future. Now is your time to evaluate flexible new cable penetration solutions that can handle multiple items or irregularly shaped openings, ease cable-pulling efforts and preserve flexibility for future changes. 

More productive adaptations for existing penetrations

When you want to repurpose cable configurations in existing cable penetration applications, explore the wide range of Hilti solutions. Firestop caulk to fill existing gaps. Retrofit sleeves that can be wrapped around existing bundles. Even multiopening gangplates that can be surface mounted or stud mounted for easier renovations. A Hilti firestop specialist can help you identify your most productive choices.

Big ideas for larger intrusions

Dealing with smaller cable penetrations—typically less than 4" in diameter—gives you numerous easy-to-install Hilti choices for close-fitting firestop devices, collars and plugs that are made to size. But as your demands grow, you’ll want to explore Hilti firestop technologies for larger openings, such as Hilti Firestop Block CFS-BL that can accommodate large, irregularly shaped openings while maintaining reusable flexibility for reconfiguration as needed over time.

Versatile approaches to high-, moderate- and low-volume repenetration

How frequently you expect to reconfigure your firestop penetration can have a big impact on the best choice you can make. For smaller cable bundles, consider simple solutions like reusable intumescent firestop plugs, reconfigurable cable collars or the Hilti Speed Sleeve, a repenetrable cable management device that provides extremely low L-ratings for reconfigurations from individual cables up to 4" bundles.

Your larger, more densely packed applications will benefit from flexible firestop blocks for greatest large-opening flexibility, firestop board for versatile broad-area coverage or firestop mortar for more permanent closures.