Firestop for Large Openings

Solutions for large areas with or without penetrating items

Hilti offers solutions for large openings in new construction as well as designing around existing penetrations or renovation construction. The firestop composite sheet CFS-COS is compatible with Hilti sleeve devices for easy cable management, while the firestop block CFS-BL is ideal for either new or renovation work.

firestop for large openings

Composite Sheet CFS-COS

Firestop large openings more efficiently than setting anchors.

  • For use with fire-rated assemblies (up to 4 hrs)
  • Compatible with Hilti sleeve devices for easy cable management
  • Can be fastened using Hilti GX tools – no need to drill or set anchors
  • Multi-board systems allow very large openings
  • Non-magnetic #304 stainless steel construction with good weatherability and no inductive loss in cables
cfs cos composite sheet for firestopping large openings

Firestop Block CFS-BL

Non-curing, reusable solution for medium to large openings

  • Highly productive one-sided, one-person installation
  • No compression required
  • Easy installation, no special tools required
  • New grid technology allows for up to 12" of annular space without the need for a cover plate or wire mesh
cfs bl

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