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Interior Finishing Screws

Increase your productivity with Hilti collated screws

Our screw fastening systems for drywallers are designed to speed up the installation of drywall boards and to be ergonomic and comfortable to use.

You can use our interior finishing screws to fasten drywall to metal studs and wood.

We offer a wide range of screws to cover all major applications.

screw fasteners for interior finishing applications


collated screws

Collated screw systems

Comprises a powerful drywall screwdriver, a screw magazine and collated screws that come with different drill tips, threads, head designs, coatings and in different lengths from 1" to 2" - the equivalent of 3 layers of drywall.

Single screw systems

Single screws with a screwdriver to fasten drywall boards to wood or metal tracks. Our single screws come in lengths from 1" to 3" - useful, for example, for fastening more than 3 layers of drywall board.

Single framing screw systems

Screw systems to fasten metal tracks and to help create a stiff metal frame 

SD 4500-A22 cordless drywall screwdriver

SD 4500-A22

Cordless drywall screwdriver

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SD-M1 screw magazine


Screw magazine

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SD-M2 screw magazine


Screw magaine

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Screw magazine extension tube

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We’ve designed our collated screw strips for speed and productivity:

  • Fasten drywall boards to metal or wood frames
  • Designed to be quick and easy to load – there’s no need to even adjust the length of the screw with the Hilti SD-M 1 and SD-M 2 magazines
  • Free up your hands – use just one hand and keep the other free, useful for fastening drywall to ceilings 
  • Designed to help avoid jamming and lost screws
  • Fit them in one piece into your pocket or work pouch – helping to avoid losing individual screws
  • You can work outside even if it’s cold – you can wear protective gloves, because there’s no need to pick up individual screws


Hilti collated screw systems are designed to be faster to install than single screws. They can also be used with our cordless screwdrivers, avoiding the frustration of bringing cables and extensions onto the jobsite. Take a look at how to use them.

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    Hilti SD-M 1 magazine - The advantages

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    Hilti SD-M 1 / SD-M 2 - An introduction

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    Hilti SD-M 1 / SD-M 2 - Troubleshooting

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    What our customers say about the Hilti SD-M 1 - a snapshot of INTEX 2014

Other track fastening tools

Hilti BX 3 for fastening metal tracks to steel

Use our battery or gas-actuated direct fastening tools for fastening metal tracks to steel or concrete.

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Research and development is at the core of what we do. At Hilti we’ve been creating innovative technologies for more than 75 years since our company was founded.

The Hilti SDT and our collated screw strips are just some of the many innovative technologies that have resulted from this commitment.

We run our own engineering Innovation Centers and conduct more research and tests with partners from industry, leading engineering institutes and universities worldwide.

More than two-thirds of our staff work directly with our customers every day, all over the world. So we understand the challenges you’re experiencing and what’s needed on the jobsite.

That’s what our R&D is all about – finding solutions to the problems you face. Our commitment is to help you to be safer, more productive and be able to build with more daring.  

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