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DD 160 application

The easy way to cut through concrete in diameters up to 8"

Make wet coring easier with the sturdy three speed DD 160

You work hard enough without having to search for the most hard working diamond core drill for your application. That is why we created the Hilti Diamond Core Drill DD 160 to meet or exceed most job site requirements for rig-based wet core drilling.

You’ll love how it powers through tough materials, driven by a rugged 2200W motor. Even inexperienced users can generate outstanding concrete-coring performance at diameters up to 8" thanks to the intuitive, user-friendly controls. Add the optional drill stand, and expand your core drilling flexibility on walls or floors.


DD 160 diamond core drill
  • Exceptionally user-friendly thanks to self-explanatory features and controls
  • Sturdy three-speed gearing for outstanding coring performance across the entire diameter range
  • The power control LED helps new users to achieve the optimum rate of drilling progress and maximum core bit life
  • Choice of a high-grade drill stand with many useful features or simple, very compact drill stand with basic functionality
  • Clear and concise range of accessories for added versatility


bottom of wall application wtih DD 160
  • Rig-based wet drilling in concrete for pipe penetrations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations
  • Stitch drilling for cable trays and ventilation ducts
  • Drilling blind holes for large-diameter anchors, reinforcing bars and the installation of railings and barriers


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