Unmatched performance for unrivaled results.

With Equidist blades, crews can cut faster, stop less often for blade changes, and achieve more per shift. That’s because Equidist Diamond Blades have the highest concentration of quality diamonds with precision placement. Plus, with friction-reducing wave segment technology, Equidist Diamond Blades cut up to 30 percent faster than the closest comparable diamond blades.

Balance results and budgets with quality diamond blades in three tiers of performance: Good, Better, and Best.

Watch Equidist Diamond Blades in action—and see how they can make your job easier. For the ultimate proof, schedule a personal demo on your jobsite.

Hear what users say about Equidist Diamond Blades

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Universal P blades
Good: Universal P

Cut smoothly - achieve quality performance with a good concentration of quality diamonds. Do more - cut through standard concrete and brick with one versatile blade.

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SP Special performance diamond blades
Better: Special Performance SP

Cut smoothly - achieve higher quality performance with a higher concentration of quality diamonds. Do more - deliver outstanding performance even when cutting reinforced concrete.

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Equidist SPX Diamond Blades
Best: Equidist Diamond Blades SPX

Cut smoothly - achieve maximum cutting performance across a wide range of base materials—even hard concrete and flint—with our highest concentration of quality diamonds precisely arranged for maximum cutting contact. Cut quickly - cut 30 percent faster, thanks to Hilti wave segment geometry that reduces side friction. Last longer - experience long useful blade life provided by durable laser welded segments. Run cooler - further enhance blade life with integrated cooling slots.

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