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GX and BX Fastening Tools

BX 3

BX 3

The Hilti BX 3 is the world’s first battery-powered direct-fastening tool for concrete and steel. It represents a new dimension in drywall construction and electrical applications as it is the only direct fastening tool that does not require a combustible propellant.

The BX 3 also provides:

  • Speed
  • Productivity of powder and gas-actuated tools
  • Lower noise
  • Very low recoil
  • No disposal required
  • Unlike powder-actuated tools, BX 3 does not require operators to have a special training to perform fastening

GX 2

GX 2
  • The perfect tool for serial applications
  • With a short stroke of 3/4” before the trigger is released, it is ideal for working in “burst mode”
  • Comes with a 12 volt lithium-ion battery that recharges in 30 minutes and is capable of up to 8,000 fastenings with one charge
  • 12 volt battery is fully compatible with other Hilti 12V tools such as impact driver, drill driver and screw driver
  • Comes with convenient features including gas gauge, battery indicator, easy disconnect to remove nail jams, adjustable belt hook and quick release magazine
  • Offered with 2 magazines, a 40 nail magazine for fastening 3/4” pins in deep drywall tracks and a 30 nail magazine for fastening up to 1-9/16” nails

GX 120

GX 120

Fastening into hard concrete or steel can be a challenge. The innovative Hilti GX 120 is ruggedly built, perfectly balanced and designed with professionals like you in mind. With its comfortable design, reliability and efficient features, the GX 120 takes drywall track fastening productivity to new heights.

  • First LED gas gauge helps you avoid running out of gas unexpectedly
  • No battery to charge ever
  • Reliable electronic gas injection system for consistent fastening
  • Versatile, high performance fastening system over a wide range of temperatures
  • Slim, streamlined design for easy access even in tight corners and narrow tracks
  • Drives 750 fasteners with a single gas can, magazine holds 40 fasteners for greater efficiency and higher productivity


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