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Point Lasers

Superior accuracy is the point; productivity is the bonus.

Point Laser PMP 45

Getting to the point of installing structures and components on your job site requires you to lay out, level and square anchor points accurately. The Hilti Point Laser PMP 45 is the perfect example of superior design leading to the superior accuracy and productivity you want.


Its five-point laser beams provide positioning versatility and the ideal shape and brightness of laser points that enable workers to pinpoint alignment markings quickly and accurately. Its fixed foot with integrated magnets attaches directly to drywall tracks for convenient alignment in those applications.


Equally important, however, the Hilti Point Laser PMP 45’s rugged construction and Impact Protection System help protect the core of the tool and the laser module for peace of mind in the toughest jobsite conditions.

Other Hilti Laser Alignment Solutions

Pocket Lasers

Pocket Lasers: Mighty. Small. And accurate

Whether you call them pocket lasers or not, these compact positioning tools – point lasers and multi-line lasers – pack rugged reliability in a small package.  

Multi-Line Lasers

Multi-Line Lasers: More angles on accuracy.

Whether you call them multi-line lasers, multi-directional lasers, or combilasers, these laser measuring tools offer more opportunities for better accuracy in multiple applications—leveling, aligning, plumbing, and squaring—for doors and windows, drywall tracks, piping, electrical junction boxes, and much more.


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