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Advantages of Green Laser Technology

It’s now easier to see green.

If you do the majority of your work indoors, the green layout lines from Hilti Green Laser tools give you better ways to steer more green toward your bottom line, too.


Visibility is key, and Hilti Green Laser products—including interior rotating lasers and specialized line lasers—deliver. Green laser light has been scientifically shown to be more visible to the human eye than any other color. In fact, green laser light is four times brighter than red. Greater visibility means greater productivity on the job, and minimizes the likelihood of costly rework due to errors.


With Hilti Green Laser tools, your crews can drastically cut the time required to set up and establish level lines in multiple locations. Instead, crews can work comfortably from farther away—and even eliminate the need to use goggles or receivers. 

Hilti Green Line Lasers

When you’re working indoors, you can’t beat the visibility of Hilti Green Lasers with the latest Laser Class 2 green diode technology that provides 4 times better visibility with no loss of performance. 

PM 2-LG Green Laser
PM 2-LG Green Laser: Two-axis precision

Make life easier and installers more productive with the Hilti Green Line Laser PM 2-LG. Its sharp, easy-to-read green lines in both the vertical and horizontal axis are ideal for indoor work, plus its large fan angle covers wider working areas from a single position.

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PR 3-HVSG Green Laser
PR 3-HVSG Green Laser: Two-mode versatility

Get dual-purpose performance with the Hilti PR 3-HVSC Green Rotating Laser. The ability to switch from the rotating laser beam to a stationary green laser line in either a vertical or horizontal plane gives your crew flexibility to handle more types of construction projects with a single tool.

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PRI 36 Green Rotating Laser
PRI 36 Green Rotating Laser: Flat out productivity beyond 900 feet

When you want single-plane marking performance at normal working distances, the Hilti Green Line Laser PRI 36 delivers a fine, accurate green line for maximum visibility. But when you really need to push the limits, it also allows you to read laser level markings at extended distances out to 984 feet, when used with a corresponding Hilti laser receiver!

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