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Transit Level

Traditional tools with enhanced optical performance.

When the job calls for an optical tool to record or plot vertical alignment—or to determine slopes “by the numbers”—you want a transit level that is precise and durable, yet nimble enough to reposition quickly from point to point across rough terrain. That’s when you need the Hilti Optical Transit Level POL 10.


Precision begins with an automatic compensator for quick and accurate leveling when construction crews are on the move. It continues with high-quality optics and 20x magnification for excellent staff readings even at extended distances. Last but not least, the Optical Transit Level POL 10 features IP55 protection against dirt and water. It all adds up to precise, reliable performance in any type of weather, across a variety of work environments.

Make your mark in a variety of transit level applications

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  • Check or measure elevations and transfer height markings 
  • Plot tangent lines, estimate angles and distances
  • Check and adjust formwork, and control concrete pouring heights and levels
  • Perform a variety of leveling tasks 

Consider a one-person alternative

When stationary indication of a level grade or a designated slope is what you want, Hilti Rotating Laser Levels offer an alternative way to perform many of the tasks a transit level does. Best of all, a rotating laser can turn two-person chores into a single-handed operation to save on labor while maintaining positioning accuracy. 


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