Tool Fleet Management Case Study: EAS

Helping Environmental Air Systems improve quality and productivity.

The Challenge

“Hilti Fleet has allowed us to manage our tools better, have a better line of tools, and know where our tools are. It’s been huge for our people and helped our production immensely.”

Jim Bullock, Jr., President, EAS

When Environmental Air Systems (EAS) arrives on site, building owners expect their plumbing and HVAC systems to be installed correctly, on time and to work exactly as designed throughout the building’s lifetime. EAS has high standards, and they needed a partner that could help get the job done.


For years, EAS leadership experienced all the problems associated with managing their own tools, including breakdowns and never knowing which tool would come out of the gang box broken.


The Fleet Solution

EAS wanted to maintain a modern fleet of tools to keep production and installation on schedule. Like many contractors, EAS saw that tool management goes beyond the initial price of tools and was looking for a partner with a commitment that goes beyond tool delivery. Hilti became that partner.


Today, Hilti Tool Fleet Management provides EAS with:

●      Custom tool labeling

●      Monthly billing for tool usage

●      Simple theft coverage

●      Full repair and maintenance cost coverage

●      Efficient repair notification and shipping

●      Dedicated local support

●      Scheduled tool exchanges

The Result

EAS now focuses on getting its greatest assets and its team members on the job doing what they do best—designing, fabricating and installing. Their organization is experiencing tangible benefits with Tool Fleet Management, including:



●      EAS jobs are approximately 20 percent more efficient because they have the right tools.

●      Quality tools increase performance significantly.


Cost management

●      Tool management costs have reduced by approximately 20 to 25 percent annually.

●      Repair costs, including jobsite and fabrication wear and tear, are fully covered.

●      Tool repairs are picked up and returned weekly.

●      Tools are automatically repaired and replaced at no charge, including shipping.

●      Nearly all repairs are completed the same day as delivery.

●      Loaner tools arrive if the repair takes longer than planned to reduce downtime.


Excellent quality

●      Tools are planned for their productive life based on application and rotated by tool type, between one and four years.

●      Innovative tool technology gets the job done faster.

●      Hilti tools are designed with many safety features for operator protection.


Results may vary. Contact Hilti for full program details.

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