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Keeping Rock Climbing Routes Safe

How Hilti cordless tools help to install thousands of bolts

It's 7 a.m. in one of the most impressive landscapes in the western United States. Ian Caldwell is 200 feet above the ground on a classic route that has been climbed by thousands of climbers since the 1960s.

Ian is one of the route setters. His job is to check each bolt along the climb to make sure they are secure enough to hold rope and any climber who may fall. He looks for rust or wear and tear from the harsh weather up on the rock face, removes old and unstable bolts, finds solid new spots on the rock and drills holes to install the new bolts.

Standing on a mountain is very much like working on a high-rise construction site. It's crucial to have the right tool for the job. Light, powerful and with a long lasting battery. That's why Ian and other certified and experienced route setters use Hilti cordless rotary drills. Ian and the route setters constantly replace thousands of bolts throughout the United States and they know that getting things done the right way is imperative for the safety of all climbers.

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