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Cordless Demolition Hammers

Now even your biggest demolition tools can go cordless thanks to Nuron. See the full range of battery-powered chipping hammers, jackhammers and SDS breakers here

Now even your biggest demolition tools can go cordless thanks to Nuron. See the full range of battery-powered chipping hammers, jackhammers and SDS breakers here
TE 500-22 Cordless chipping hammer Powerful cordless SDS Max (TE-Y) demolition hammer with Active Vibration Reduction and 3300 impacts per minute for chiseling concrete or masonry (Nuron battery)
TE 500-A36 SDS Max breaker Versatile SDS Max (TE-Y) cordless demolition hammer for chiseling in concrete and masonry, with Active Vibration Reduction (AVR)
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Cordless Demolition Hammers

Cordless jackhammers, breakers and chipping hammers for floor and wall breaking and demolition

Hilti cordless demolition hammers and concrete breakers are designed to balance maximum performance with exceptional comfort and control.

Using the right cordless tool for your demolition application can help increase productivity, extend tool life, and improve overall operator safety.

TE 2000-22 Cordless Jackhammer

For medium floor demolition


The TE 2000-22 on the Nuron battery platform is ideal for medium-scale and controlled demolition jobs where handling, tool control and mobility are most important for productivity. Ideal for controlled demolition jobs, smaller areas, and concrete thickness between 4-8", it is 22 lbs lighter and much slimmer than comparable battery-powered jackhammers, and it offers the same demolition performance as the corded TE 2000 and larger jackhammers, but without all the extra bulk.

  • Work faster and more comfortably on demanding concrete breaking jobs by combining two 22V Nuron batteries
  • Experience lower vibrations than a corded tool
  • A fully cordless DRS-B option to help reduce exposure to construction dust – including virtually-dust free breaking
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TE 500-22 Cordless Chipping Hammer

Performance and mobility for all types of wall breaking


Hilti's cordless SDS-Max breaker TE 500-22 on the Nuron battery platform can perform the full range of tasks of comparable corded demolition hammers and helps you tackle wall breaking jobs like:

  • Medium duty demolition in concrete
  • Controlled demolition in masonry
  • Tile removal and renovation chiseling

Questions to help you select the right tool

Do you work mainly on surface preparation or breaking?

Do you normally do more floor or wall breaking?

What base materials do you primarily work with?

What is the material thickness?

What percentage of time do you work with each material?


Experience more breaking power, higher bending strength and better dust control


Our extensive selection of performance-driven chisels delivers the quality and power you can rely on for any type of project.

Our ultimate chisels provide the highest reliability and three times longer lifetime compared to standard chisels, making them your best partner for breaking concrete.

Why choose Hilti power tools?

We stand behind our customers and the quality of our tools. That's why we offer two year wear and tear coverage with parts, shipping and labor on us. We also promise a one-day turnaround in our repair centers to help avoid unproductive downtime.

Learn more about our tool warranty

Virtually dust-free jobsites

A virtually dust-free jobsite means better health for you and your tools. Connect your cordless demolition hammer to a Dust Removal System (DRS) and a VC 140-1-22 cordless vacuum cleaner for increased tool life and operator comfort.

Shop vacuum cleaners and other dust removal systems

Control your tool costs

Avoid a large upfront investment and cover all your tool costs for a fixed monthly fee with Hilti Tool Fleet Management.

Learn more about Tool Fleet Management
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