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Sustainability at Hilti

Building a better future

In a world full of challenges, the most powerful tool is the engagement of all of us. At Hilti, we want to contribute to a more sustainable way of life – for a world that is less burdened by our impact, for better health and safety in construction, and for a more equitable society.


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We are committed to the principles of the circular economy, which means we keep resources in use as long as possible. Hilti is an ISO 14001 registered company. We recover 1,400 used tools annually, refurbish them and donate them to non-profits and schools.

Recycling Tools – In the U.S. and Canada, we recover and recycle 1 million pounds of tools a year.

Recycling Batteries – We recycle over 58,000 pounds of batteries a year, to ensure they don’t end up in landfills.

Minimizing Disposal of Damaged or Expired Chemical Products - We minimize waste by aggressively managing our product development process. Hilti has a scrap rate of just 0.06 percent.

Green Building Programs – Hilti offers over 100 products and installation systems that qualify for credit on LEED V3, LEED V4 and Living Building Challenge Projects.

Our Sustainablilty Strategy

We understand sustainability to be securing long-term success through a business strategy that values environmental, people, and social aspects equally with economic factors.


Sustainability as a way of life

Christoph Loos, CEO
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"We want to run our business in a fundamentally more environmentally friendly way and with a more positive contribution to society."

Christoph Loos, CEO

Michèle Frey-Hilti, Member of the Hilti Foundation Board
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“I am convinced that only a sustainable approach to business can ensure our long-term success.”

Michèle Frey-Hilti, Member of the Hilti Foundation Board

Peter Rupp, Head of Corporate Sustainability
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“In the future we will consciously incorporate ecological and social factors more strongly into our corporate decisions and actions.”

Peter Rupp, Head of Corporate Sustainability

2020 Highlights

2023 year

CO2 Neutral
We are committed to being climate neutral by 2023 (related to Scope 1 and 2 emissions and business travel).

1 million pounds

Tools Recycled
In the U.S. and Canada, we recover and recycle 1 million pounds of tools a year.

>120 projects

Charitable Projects
Were supported by our employees worldwide.

Building a better future

Our commitment to Health, Safety and Environment is embedded in our purpose

Our purpose – We passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future – reflects our corporate strategy and is focused on sustainable value creation through leadership and differentiation.

This credo not only runs through our products, services and operations, but also extends to the importance we place on health, safety and the environment (HSE) at Hilti and it reflects the great responsibility we feel towards our employees, customers, partners and suppliers, society and the environment.

Watch the video from Christoph Loos, our CEO, to learn more about Hilti's Health, Safety and Environment strategy.


Jahangir (Jan) Doongaji, Hilti AG
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“All of our new product designs take into account the resources used and emissions generated throughout their entire life cycle, together with the highest possible health and safety standards for users.”

Jahangir (Jan) Doongaji, Hilti AG, Member of the Executive Board, Electric Tools and Group Research

Eugen Tschann, Hilti AG Plant Thüringen
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“We focus on improving resource and energy efficiency in our plants, for example, by using environmentally friendly systems to regulate temperature, or renewable energy sources to provide power.”

Eugen Tschann, Hilti AG Plant Thüringen, Maintenance and Facilities Manager

Lawrence Waterman, Park Health and Safety Partnershi
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“We have strict rules on how to behave onsite, how to take precautionary measures and what personal protective equipment is necessary.”

Lawrence Waterman, Park Health and Safety Partnership, Founding Partner

Peter Cavada, Hilti AG
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“Our HSE Manager Conference is a shared platform for the construction industry where we can discuss ways of keeping sites safe, share best practice and talk through customers’ needs.”

Peter Cavada, Hilti AG, Head of Corporate Health, Safety and Environment

Emilie Boutounet, Eiffage Construction IDF1
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“For us it’s very important to have no loss of productivity. Our partnership with Hilti ensures that products are in perfect working condition together with safety training and support.”

Emilie Boutounet, Eiffage Construction IDF1, HSE Responsible

Bengt Tykesson, NIMAB Entreprenad AB
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“The support provided by Hilti helps our staff to make construction sites safer and to manage them more productively. It’s a truly constructive partnership.”

Bengt Tykesson, NIMAB Entreprenad AB, HR Manager

Milestones in our Health, Safety and Environment Journey

Hilti CO2 Strategy decision
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With our CO2 Strategy, we are setting ourselves ambitious targets as regards proactive energy management, taking on the global responsibility for a sustainable future.

Hilti trained workers in heatlh and safety aspects
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We have already trained more than 20,000 workers worldwide in health and safety aspects.

Hilti Competence Center HSE Technologies in Kaufering
3 / 19

Establishment of Competence Center HSE Technologies within the development area in Kaufering.

Hilti in-house gym
4 / 19

Opening of in-house gym InnoFit at Hilti Headquarters.

Hilti first health and safety training course
5 / 19

First health an safety training courses offered in Switzerland.

Hilt first Clean Tec Chemical Anchor, CT1
6 / 19

Launch of the Hilti Clean-Tec Chemical Anchor, HIT-CT1.

Hilti Installation Systems MM
7 / 19

First system nominated for the German "Bundespreis Eco Design" – Installation Systems MM.

ISO 50001 certification
8 / 19

Achieved ISO 50001 certification for our plants in Kaufering and Nersingen.

First Hilti Clean Tec product
9 / 19

First Clean-Tec product launched, direct fastening cartridges.

Hilti HSE 3-year strategies development
10 / 19

First development of HSE 3-year strategies for Manufacturing, Logistics and global Tool Service.

First International HSE Manager Conference
11 / 19

First International HSE Manager Conference held in Schaan, Liechtenstein.

Hilti plant 4 in Thüringen, Austria
12 / 19

DGNB certification of the plant in Thüringen, Austria.

Establishment Corporate HSE Team at Hilti Headquarters
13 / 19

Establishment of Corporate HSE Team at Hilti Headquarters.

Hilti joins UN caring for climate
14 / 19

Hilti joins the UN "Caring for Climate" Business Forum.

Hilti joins UN Global Compact
15 / 19

We join UN Global Compact.

Hilti TE-76 ATC
16 / 19

First tool with Active Torque Control, TE 76-ATC.

Hilti TE 905-AVR
17 / 19

First tool with Active Vibration Reduction, TE 905-AVR.

Achieved ISO 14001 Certification
18 / 19

Achieved ISO 14001 Certification in Environmental Management.

Hilti TE 5 rotary hammer drill
19 / 19

First tool with an integrated Dust Removal System, TE 5A.

The Hilti Foundation

The Hilti Foundation is a philanthropic, non-profit organization jointly supported by the Hilti Group and the Hilti Family. It is committed to the principle of “building a better future” and supports worldwide projects with the goal of enabling people in need to live an independent and self-determined life.

Affordable Housing and Technology

In the Philippines, Hilti engineers used innovative construction technologies to construct houses out of bamboo, a material that is both sustainable and locally available, and established a local value chain for bamboo.

Learn more

Music for Social Change

The Foundation provides financial support, professional expertise and cultural networks to empower young people to develop skills through music that enable them to become self-determined and responsible members of society.

Learn more

Economic Empowerment

The goals of the Hilti Foundation are clear: It is paramount to empower people to become economically independent by earning a sustainable income that helps support better living conditions.

Learn more