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Tool Inserts

See how our power tool inserts are designed to work faster, harder and longer: drill bits, chisels, core bits, abrasives and saw blades

Concrete Drill Bits
Find out how our SDS hammer drill bits are designed to drill faster and last longer during serial drilling in concrete, masonry and other minerals
Chisels & Ground Rod Drivers
Find out how the right chisel bits, jackhammer bits and ground rod drivers can help you get the most out of your tools for breaking concrete, heavy demolition work or surface removal
Metal & Wood Drill Bits
Find out how our metal and wood drill bits are optimized for drilling in wood and metal
Hole Saws
Find out about why our hole saws are designed for fast and precise cutting in metal, wood, drywall or masonry
Screw Driver Bits & Sockets
Find out about screw driver bits, sockets and other inserts for use with Hilti power tools – designed for a precise fit with Hilti screws and anchors
Diamond Blades
Find out how our diamond cutting discs are designed for maximum speed, lifetime and better handling when cutting in concrete and other minerals
Diamond Grinding Wheels
Find out how our diamond grinding wheels are designed for superior lifetime and removal rate on concrete and a variety of other base materials
Floor & Bench Saw Blades
Find out how our floor and bench saw blades are designed for high cutting speed and a longer lifetime when cutting concrete, masonry, asphalt or stone
Abrasive Discs
Find out how our abrasive discs are designed for high productivity and a long lifetime when cutting, grinding and polishing metal
Metal grinding abrasives
Find out how our broad selection of abrasive bands, sleeves and drums are ideal for rough to fine grinding and polishing on many stainless steel and metal shapes with the highest quality, ease and comfort
Sander Sheets
Find out how our sander sheets are designed for high precision and a long lifetime when sanding wood and paint
Diamond Core Bits
Find out how our diamond core bits are designed for ultimate drilling performance when coring in concrete and masonry
Circular Saw Blades
Find out how our circular saw blades are designed for longevity and precision when cutting wood, wood composites and metal
Reciprocating Saw Blades
Find out how our reciprocating saw blades are designed for speed when coarse-cutting wood, metal, masonry and PVC
Jig Saw Blades
Find out how our jig saw blades are designed for speed and precision when cutting wood, sandwich panels, metal and metal sheet
Band Saw Blades
Find out how our band saw blades are designed for safer operation when cutting metal, stainless steel and threaded rods
Cut out Bits
Find out why our cut-out bits are so versatile for cutting in drywall and soft materials
Diamond Wall Saw Blades
Find out how our diamond saw blades are designed for constant speed and smoother cutting in concrete and other minerals, also under extreme conditions.
Diamond Wires
Find out how our diamond wires are designed for all types of demolition, cutting and sawing in concrete as well as other minerals and steel
Hydraulic Press Jaws
Find out how our press jaws are designed for versatile and reliable pipe pressing
Hydraulic Rings & Actuators
Find out how our press rings and actuators are designed for versatile and reliable pipe pressing up to 110 mm (4")
Hydraulic Cutting & Crimping Jaws
Find out how our cutting blades are designed for safer, productive cutting and crimping of cables and conductors
Hydraulic Crimping Dies
Find out how our crimping dies are engineered to perform reliably when crimping connectors
Storage and Transportation
Find out how our consumable cases facilitate the storage of small items in one container

Tool Inserts

A complete system optimized for you and your tools

Benefit from high quality inserts designed to increase power and performance on the jobsite. With an extensive portfolio of inserts optimized for your specific job, you can have the right tool paired with the right inserts to get the job done.

Stronger solutions

Strength and durability are critical when choosing inserts because they need to withstand the power of the tool and demands of the toughest jobs. By utilizing our complete solution, Hilti tools and inserts together, help ensure longer life for your inserts, the strength to withstand the job at hand, and the power and performance you deserve. 

Tackle all applications

Having the right tool with the right power at the right time is crucial to meet deadlines, optimize labor hours and to get the job done right the first time. With Hilti’s wide selection of inserts, available in imperial and metric sizes, as well as customizable options for the most specific tasks, you’ll always have the right insert for the job – pair that with the Hilti warranty you have come to know and trust, and the choice is easy. 

Multi-line inserts

Specialized for your needs

Whether you need ultimate performance for the most demanding situations or a more reliable product for everyday use, Hilti inserts have what it takes to get the job done. Our multi-line approach with easy to identify color coding and consistent naming across all product categories make it even easier to choose the right insert with the right balance to meet your needs.

cabinet for consumables management

Consumables Management Program

Managing your inserts can be time-consuming and costly. With Hilti’s Consumables Management Program, you can spend less time sourcing materials and more time on what’s important for your business. Take advantage of our replenishment system, designed to support you and your crew.

Learn more about the Consumables Management Program

Hilti services

Tool warranty

We offer two year of wear and tear coverage with parts, shipping, and labor on us. We promise one day turnaround in our repair centers to get you back up and running with limited interruption.

Learn more

Fleet Management

Tooling up for a project is a major investment and a massive undertaking. Managing those tools through their life cycle requires time, attention and unexpected costs. With Fleet Management, you can minimize many of the headaches and expenses associated with managing the tools you need to complete your projects.

Learn more

ON!Track Asset Management

Utilizing a dedicated asset management software to control things like tools, equipment and jobsite materials, ON!Track provides instant clarity and efficiency to your business, and help reduce operational and overhead costs.

Learn more
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