Hilti's BX 4-22 Battery-powered nailer and PM 50MG-22 Multi-line laser level ready to be put to work

Drywall Solutions

Help maximize your productivity and labor hours with Hilti's Drywall Portfolio

Looking to help speed up your drywall installations and increase profit margins? Achieve faster, safer drywall installations with interior finishing solutions that help your projects and teams work more efficiently and sustainably. 

Explore Hilti's comprehensive 22V Nuron cordless Interior finishing portfolio, including robust measuring technology, intuitive preformed solutions, training and digital asset management solutions, designed to help keep your projects moving from start to finish.


Smarter fastening

Up to 1,000 fastening points per hour

Help speed up your track fastening with the BX 4-22 battery-powered nailer. Powered by the same Nuron Cordless 22V battery platform with up to 10% more fastening power, you can experience a wide application range with a modular magazine design, angled with a new support leg configuration for improved accessibility. With significantly less kickback, this tool helps make for an easier and safer user experience. 

Enhance fastening to concrete and steel with tailored power adjustment, this tool accommodates nails up to 1 5/8" in length, addressing a variety of different applications. Stay informed about remaining nails with A 2-step nail refill indicator and experience the cloud-connected features and services from the Nuron battery platform.


Better Visibility and Faster layout

Up to 25% faster alignment

Whether your challenge is a lack of time, large distances, complex layouts or even a digital project setup — Hilti has the right laser measuring tools to help increase your productivity straight away. For even greater productivity gains, the PM 50MG-22 multi-line laser level provides stronger laser visibility of up to 200 ft. with receiver, faster alignment and increased run time powered by the convenience of the Nuron all-on-one 22v battery platform.

Simpler firestopping

Easy-to-handle firestop solutions

Help save valuable time, labor, and resources by streamlining and simplifying your firestop installation with total preformed firestop solutions for top-of-wall and bottom-of-wall applications with our CFS-TTS (MD) Top Track Seal and the new CFS-BTS Bottom Track Seal. 

Our preformed firestop solutions with XPLE technology help protect against fire, smoke, and sound from bottom track and drywall to flat concrete slabs and metal deck without changing your track layout or framing process.


Fastening systems with more speed, comfort, and reliability

For repetitive interior finishing tasks like fastening drywall boards to metal or drywall boards to wood as well as framing of wood or metal frames, you need a system that is fast, reliable and comfortable to use. Say goodbye to single screws and combine the light-weight SD 5000-22 cordless drywall screwdriver with a magazine for collated screws such as the SD-M 1 or SD-M 2, and this will help you fasten more boards a day than ever before.


Attract and retain skilled labor with the exoskeleton

Help keep your projects running smoothly with the EXO-S exoskeleton – Hilti’s new transformative technology designed to help improve jobsite efficiency, while assisting with alleviating upper-body fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive overhead tasks such as painting, insulation, ceiling sanding and suspended ceiling installation.

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Jobsite collaboration in real-time with Fieldwire

Leading the industry with its intuitive, user-friendly design, Fieldwire jobsite management software allows users to access and share information easier, plan and manage work more seamlessly, and track and report progress in real-time – all while prioritizing the needs of the field.

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Resource Management

More transparency on your tools and assets with ON!Track

Our resource management solution provides real-time tracking and automated alerts and reporting for maintenance needs.

Help solve problems related to asset and workforce management, including managing assets, consumables, service and repair needs, and safety certifications – anywhere, anytime, on any device.


BX 4-22

Battery-powered nailer - Delivers ultimate productivity when attaching drywall track and other light-duty fastening elements

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PM 50 MG-22

Multi-line laser level - High visibility self-leveling laser with 3 green 360° lines and 15+ hours of run time for leveling, aligning, squaring, and plumbing

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SD 5000-22

Drywall screwdriver - More torque and screws per charge when hanging drywall, wood boards, and exterior sheathing

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Firestop bottom track seal - Increases productivity at the jobsite with preformed firestop solution for bottom-of-wall drywall joints



Shoulder exoskeleton - Help relieve shoulder and neck fatigue when working above shoulder level

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