Efficiency on and off the jobsite

Help get more productivity out of every labor hour

Labor shortage is one of the biggest concerns facing the construction industry right now. It’s time to embrace change and implement new ways of doing things to help attract new talent, optimize construction schedules, simplify processes and support a safer workplace.

As productivity partners to our customers, Hilti has a wide offering of innovative solutions and a knowledgeable team to get you started. Hilti can help provide ongoing support to combat labor shortages while also helping maximize construction productivity, safety and bottom lines.  

Software to help boost jobsite efficiency

Fieldwire Jobsite Management

An end-to-end construction jobsite software that connects the entire project team, enabling real-time information sharing and helping enhance cost-saving efficiencies.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Leverage digital planning to highlight issues upfront so you can help avoid project delays and rework and the increased labor hours that go along with it.

PROFIS Engineering Suite

Design, calculate and analyze multiple connection types, including steel to concrete, steel to masonry and baseplate solutions—helping make designing connections easier for everyone.


Tools to help improve jobsite safety

ATC/AVR Technology

ATC helps reduce the risk of the tool body spinning uncontrollably if the drill bit jams, which aids in keeping construction workers safe, while AVR can help reduce fatigue and make for more comfortable work.

Dust Removal Systems (DRS)

Help reduce exposure to dust on the construction jobsite—including virtually-dust free concrete cutting, drilling, and breaking.

Built-in Tool Tethering

Tool tethering options to help reduce injuries from falling tools when working at heights.

Innovation that's ahead of the curve

Nuron Cordless Platform

One battery platform for a wide range of applications. More work per charge leads to greater productivity and less downtime, helping to keep your labor hours productive while also helping you stay on schedule and on budget.

EXO-S Exoskeleton

New and improved upper-body exoskeleton for less strenuous overhead work, helping to maintain high worker productivity.

Jaibot Drilling Robot

Semi-automated drilling robot locates and drills holes for anchors, allowing some workers to focus on other tasks.

Productivity solutions that help cut costs

ON!Track Asset Management

With an equipment management system like ON!Track, workers will have the equipment they need and know exactly where it is, helping to free up time to use it where it’s needed most.

Learn more about ON!Track Asset Management

Tool Repair

Help keep productivity going with our faster repair solutions including complimentary, next business day UPS pick-up for tool repair as well as over-the-phone battery and charger warranty exchange.

Learn more about tool repair

Prefabrication of modular support systems

Help save time and money on your construction project with full pre-assembly of customized trapezes, cantilevers, goal posts and multi-trade supports; kitting the right components; and cutting strut channels to length.

Learn more about our prefabrication services

Hilti Smart

Our subscription service offers the benefit of unlimited deliveries and access to digital learning platforms that can help managers and laborers alike.

Learn more about Hilti Smart

Single-person productivity solutions

Stay productive on the jobsite with solutions and support to help keep your jobsites moving

Hilti offers many productivity solutions to augment workforces across dynamic jobsite conditions. Our teams are ready to consult with commercial contractors, tradesmen and management alike to help tackle health and safety issues as well as labor shortage challenges. 

  • Hilti Layout System PLT 400 for single-person operation for jobsite layout

    Compared to conventional layout tools like line lasers, strings and tape measures, you can help increase construction productivity with Hilti Robotic Total Stations. Request a demo and see the improvement for yourself.

    Learn more about the layout system PLT 400
  • Hilti Exterior Rotating Lasers

    Our outdoor rotating lasers enable single-person layout and operation for your jobsite. Get the job done in less time with fewer workers.

    Learn more about Hilti outdoor rotating lasers
  • Hilti Water Management System WMS 100 for diamond coring and drilling

    The diamond drilling and coring water management system DD-WMS 100 provides up to one full day of water autonomy by recycling the water up to 7 times, the equivalent of about 30 gallons of continuous water supply. (While the WMS 100 provides water independence for diamond coring applications, we always recommend that operators follow jobsite safety protocol and procedures to ensure a safe working environment.) With only one person needed for set up, coring and cleaning, Hilti helps improve labor productivity.

    Learn more about the water management system WMS 100
  • Hilti Cut-Assist Technology

    Hilti Cut-Assist technology turns concrete coring into a single-person operation*. Fully automated, it features automatic surface detection, through-hole detection, water shutoff, and retraction. (*While the DD AF-CA Cut Assist module autonomously steers the tool once activated, we always recommend that operators follow jobsite safety protocol and procedures to ensure a safe working environment.)

    Learn more about Cut-Assist Technology
  • Firestop cast-in solutions - single person installation

    Hilti firestop cast-in solutions help with productivity growth, requiring only one person to install with minimal training.

    Learn more about firestop cast-in solutions
  • Firestop pre-formed solutions - single person installation

    As construction work picks back up around the country, it's important to ensure that the job gets done safely and efficiently. Hilti's firestop pre-formed solutions can help you do just that.

    Learn more about firestop pre-formed solutions