Increase construction speed

End-to-end solutions for faster workflows

The construction industry faces challenges when it comes to optimizing productivity. Fewer than half of all building projects are completed on schedule, while inefficient processes, unplanned costs, and an unproductive workforce are all-too-familiar problems.

Discover how you can overcome these common challenges and grow your business with cutting-edge tools, software and service solutions designed to help you power through your projects at every stage - from the design to the jobsite.

Services that keep you working

Waiting for the tools and equipment you need on the jobsite can be frustrating and expensive. Get access to a global supply chain for quicker product availability, faster repairs, and flexible, customzied logistic services that work for you. Streamline your ordering processes too - as we have a complete offering for most construction trades, you can avoid dealing with multiple suppliers or resellers.

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Train for the future

With skilled labor at a premium in the construction industry, it can be difficult to attract the right people and keep them motivated to stay. This is why Hilti solutions are designed to be easier-to-use even for less-experienced employees. To help employees keep skills up-to-date, we run a wide range of training and certification courses.

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Embrace automated technology

Advanced technologies are set to be one of the key drivers of construction productivity in coming years. Our high-tech solutions range from the Jaibot drilling robot for MEP installation to advanced measuring systems that help enable rapid one-person jobsite layout based on digital plans.

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Improve asset management

Poor asset management can cost your business serious time and money. However, with ON!Track, Hilti's equipment management system, you can quickly locate your equipment and its user on your mobile device or desktop computer. ON!Track also allows you to obtain more data-driven insights from your own tools and equipement, track and manage tool repairs, staff training, and certifications, which help simplify compliance. 

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Single-person operation solutions

Stay productive on the jobsite

Hilti offers many solutions that support reducing person-to-person contact, while helping you remain productive on the jobsite.