Efficiency on and off the jobsite

Help get more productivity out of every labor hour

The construction industry faces challenges when it comes to optimizing productivity. Fewer than half of all building projects are completed on schedule, while inefficient processes, unplanned costs, and an unproductive workforce are all-too-familiar problems.

Discover how you can overcome these common challenges and grow your business with cutting-edge tools, software and service solutions designed to help you power through your projects at every stage - from the design to the jobsite.

Software to help boost jobsite efficiency

Fieldwire Jobsite Management

An end-to-end jobsite software that connects the entire project team, enabling real-time information sharing and enhancing cost-saving efficiencies.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Leverage digital planning to highlight issues upfront so you can help avoid project delays and rework and the added labor hours that go along with it.

PROFIS Engineering Suite

Design, calculate and analyze multiple connection types, including steel to concrete, steel to masonry and baseplate solutions—helping to make designing connections easier for everyone.


Tools with safety features to help reduce fatigue

ATC/AVR Technology

Help reduce the risk of the tool body from spinning uncontrollably if the drill bit jams, which can help reduce fatigue and make for more comfortable work.

Dust Removal Systems (DRS)

Help reduce exposure to dust on the jobsite—including virtually-dust free concrete cutting, drilling, and breaking.

Built-in Tool Tethering

Tool tethering options to help reduce injuries from falling tools when working at heights.

Services to help cut costs

Tool Fleet Management 

Only pay for the tools you need with no large upfront investment. With access to the latest tools, you’ll have the technology your crews need to work faster and more efficiently.

ON!Track Asset Management

With an equipment management system like ON!Track, workers will have the equipment they need and know exactly where it is, helping to free up time to use it where it’s needed most.

Hilti Smart

A subscription service that provides the benefit of unlimited deliveries and access to digital learning platforms.

Innovation that's ahead of the curve

Nuron Cordless Platform

One battery platform for a wide range of applications. More work per charge leads to greater productivity and less downtime, helping to keep your labor hours productive while also helping you stay on schedule and on budget.

EXO-O1 Exoskeleton

Upper-body exoskeleton for less strenuous overhead work, helping to maintain high worker efficiency.

Jaibot Drilling Robot

Semi-automated drilling robot takes over installation execution, allowing some workers to focus on other tasks.

Uncompromise with Nuron

Hilti's all-in-one cordless tool platform

Nuron brings together all of the tools, technology and services you need to help keep your projects on schedule. With one battery platform for all your tools, you'll get more run time, safety features and connected services to help optimize every working hour.