The future of construction

Advanced solutions to boost your bottom line

The construction industry is constantly evolving. With a shortage of skilled labor, increasingly complex regulations, green building trends, and developments in smart construction technology, staying ahead of the competition is more challenging than ever.

Discover how you can help accelerate your projects, reduce costs, and prepare your company for the future by using connected products and solutions, embracing digitalization, diversifying your business and more. 

Digitization and automation for your jobsite

Jobsite digitization and automation have become critical drivers of construction productivity. Leveraging digital planning with BIM will help you avoid project delays by highlighting potential issues before they arise, which in turn will minimize on-site improvisation and simplify documentation. Automated solutions such as concrete sensors, total stations and the Jaibot drilling robot also help add speed, accuracy and safety to your jobsite, taking your efficiency to the next level.

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Forward thinking tools and technology

New technologies and installation methods are here to stay. Take on tools and processes that will speed up your work, reduce your reliance on skilled labor and protect your teams’ health. From direct fastening systems that help eliminate the need for welding to self-optimizing diamond drilling systems and the cutting-edge EXO-S, a wearable upper-body exoskeleton technology, you can adopt solutions that will increase worker safety and comfort with demanding applications while also helping to augment productivity, positively impacting jobsite timelines and budgets. 

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Sustainability in architecture

Green building continues to push forward as an industry standard due to certification requirements. Build more sustainable architecture with actively re-engineered and reformulated building components, ranging from firestop to anchors, that meet third-party green certification criteria. We make it easier with a comprehensive database of supporting documentation such as VOC content emissions certificates and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

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Integrated workflows for a leaner business

Streamline you business processes. Our electronic B2B procurement system, flexible shipping options and advanced logistics solutions all help simplify doing business with us. When you choose our Tool Fleet Management service, you get access to the latest connected tools for an all-inclusive monthly price – giving you greater control over your costs. And with our ON!Track equipment management system, you’ll enjoy powerful tool crib and inventory management.

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Drive profitability for your business

We have a long tradition of developing solutions to help companies in the construction industry improve their productivity and profitability. Our innovations have always been fueled by our deep understanding of our customers' challenges and needs. Read our articles below to learn more about positioning your company for a more profitable future with the help of Hilti experts, technology, services and end-to-end solutions. 

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EXO-S Exoskeleton

Redefine overhead work

Hilti's new transformative technology, the EXO-S construction exoskeleton, is designed to help improve jobsite efficiency, while assisting with alleviating upper-body fatigue and pain.


Simplicity of a mechanical anchor with high capacity performance of an adhesive

Save time on the jobsite and help minimize the risk of installer error with the Kwik-X system, comprised of the Kwik-HUS Capsule (KHC) and Kwik HUS-EZ screw anchor, Kwik-X is the only Dual Action system on the market.