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Accessories for Measuring Tools and Scanners

Tripods & Levelling Staffs
Show me tripods and leveling staffs, designed to keep measuring tools steady for accurate measuring and readings
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Mounts & Adapters
Show me mounts and adapters for attaching level lasers to ceilings, façades, walls and pipes
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Connection Accessories
Show me cables and connectivity accessories for transferring measuring data between PCs, concrete scanners and layout tools
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Receivers, Target Plates & Reflectors
Show me laser receivers, remotes and target plates designed to simplify laser targeting even in bright conditions
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Monitors & Tablets
Show me monitors and controllers for real-time detection analysis and laying out field points on your jobsite
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Carrying Devices
Show me carrying bags, hand straps and cases to transport measuring tools and scanners
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Batteries & Chargers
Show me batteries and chargers for layout tools, rotating-, point- and line lasers, laser levels and concrete scanners
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Show me detection reference grids, adhesive tape, markers, putty and other aids for easy measurements
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Other Accessories
Show me accessories for measuring tools – from laser warning signs and laser visibility glasses to electronic accessories
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