grating and checker plate fasteners

Grating and Checker Plate Fasteners

Welding alternative solutions for energy and industry applications

Platform gratings and checker, or diamond, plates are commonly installed in ships and industrial structures, such as refineries, power plants and offshore platforms. In these environments, you will often see these structures serving as walkways, footbridges and catwalks, among other applications. With their open web design, platform gratings offer high bearing capacity combined with a low specific quantity of steel. The open web design does present unique fastening challenges traditionally solved by time consuming and tedious welding processes, but Hilti has a quick and reliable direct fastening solution for grating.

Fastening to steel base structures has never been easier with the wide range of direct fastening solutions that we provide with you in mind.  To help ensure that you have the right solution for your job, we have worked to design two mechanical grating fasteners – one for mildly corrosive environments and one for highly corrosive environments. Additionally, we also have a diamond and tread plate fastener that is suitable for mechanically fastening to steel profiles.

Grating fasteners for mildly corrosive environment

X-GR Grating clip with nail

The X-GR grating fastener is part of a convenient powder-actuated system that allows total mobility and independence from electric power supplies needed for traditional welding methods.

This fastener has a pre-assembled saddle for increased productivity. When pairing the X-GR with the fully automatic DX 460-GR tool, a single user can easily install up to 240 fasteners per hour.

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Checker, diamond and tread plate fasteners

X-FCP-R Checker plate fastener

The X-FCP checker plate fastener is specifically designed to help you get the job done easier, quicker and safer than ever before. Locking tabs on the disc help prevent self-loosening and the non-slip disc surface help ensure a safe working environment. 

This diamond plate fastener can be used to fasten plates with a thickness of 1/5” - 1/2” to steel profiles. The stainless steel option can be used to fasten plates in a variety of corrosive environments such marine, offshore, petrochemical and power plants.

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