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Hilti Academy

Your digital training platform

Hilti Academy helps assist contractors to build skills and competency in their field and complete requirements for topics related to health and safety, operator and installer training and receive certifications.

Training can be accessed by desktop or tablet 24/7 with progress tracked across devices so you can train on your schedule.

Activity and outcomes can be tracked and measured to identify skill gaps and create opportunities for improvement. Certificates can be downloaded at any time.

Benefits of Hilti Academy

Available in multiple languages

We understand the challenges of keeping a diverse team trained and ready for the jobsite, which is why we offer most trainings in English, Spanish and French.

24/7/365 access

Hilti Academy courses are on-demand and available at your convenience. Learn from your desktop or tablet. 

Courses designed for nearly every trade

Courses cover topics including most trades and applications for continued learning and development with topics developed for various user skill and experience levels. 

Certificate or training card provided upon course completion

After completing courses, certificates may be downloaded and are available 24/7 on Hilti Academy. Notifications are sent to inform of expiring certifications.

Enterprise learner management capabilities

Platform Managers can manage users, course enrollments, payments for group purchases as well as track user progress. The Platform Manager has access to all user certificates for completed courses.

Available Trainings

  • Complimentary trainings through Hilti Academy

    From Advanced Layout Operator Training to Diamond Drilling Safety Training, Hilti Academy offers complementary training courses to teach some of the latest construction operations and help keep you safe.

    Register or login on Hilti Academy to get started

Getting started


  • First-time users, register here for Hilti's Single Sign On (SSO).  
  • An email with a verification number will be sent. Enter that number on the SSO screen.
  • If you have already registered for SSO on one of our other platforms (,, etc), you may use those credentials to log in and start registration on Hilti Academy.

Verify email

  • You will automatically be navigated to Hilti Academy from the SSO registration page.
  • Log in using the email and password you just created.
  • On the next screen, update your Personal Info and click "Update." This information is used to issue course certificates.

Select your course(s)

  • Decide which courses are best for you and your crew. Choose from courses such as Gas Saw Safety Training, Concrete Scanning, Fireproofing Through-Penetrations and more. 

For users created by an admin, such as the platform manager

  • When a user is added by an admin, the system generates an invitation email instructing the user to login or register for Hilti Academy. These users should follow the registration steps outlined in How to register for Hilti Academy, using the same email addresses as originally provided.
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Which license should I buy?

Training for me

Single licenses are intended for individuals purchasing for themselves. When purchasing a single license, the email on the account used to purchase the training is used to create the Hilti Academy account and the user is enrolled into the course. Please note - only purchase one license. Adding more will only award a single license and assign it to that user email address.

Training for others

When purchasing for a group, multiple licenses can be purchased and allocated to individual team members. The email address on the account used to purchase the training is designated as the Platform Manager and the number of licenses purchased is added to the profile. The Platform Manager can then assign available licenses to individual team members.

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  • While Hilti Academy offers contractors access to on-demand trainings and certifications, Ask Hilti is our expert engineer community. Ask Hilti offers continuing education credits and expert advice from top engineering professionals.

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