Improvements to Operator Safety and Accuracy Updates also Added to the Jaibot

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June 28, 2022

OAKVILLE, Ontario  - Hilti Group, a global leader of tools, technology, software, and services to the commercial construction industry, has released new features to the Hilti Jaibot, a semi-autonomous, mobile-drilling robot. The Jaibot now has the capability to drill on corrugated metal deck ceilings and concrete walls. The robot also has a range of new features to improve operator safety, ease-of-use, and accuracy. 


Autonomous drilling on corrugated metal deck ceilings and concrete walls

In support of complex ceiling types, the Jaibot can now identify and map installed profiles of corrugated sheet metal deck structures, align with the digital plans, and automatically adapt planned drill holes to pre-defined installation zones. To avoid obstacles such as existing installations or structural elements, Jaibot detects these objects and can adjust its working area and arm movements accordingly. In addition, it can drill and mark holes in vertical concrete walls at heights between 0.9 and 4.8 meters. As in the past, the Jaibot executes drilling tasks automatically while the intuitive user interface enables the operator to ensure optimal placement and control.

“It is already very exciting to have Jaibot do the hard work on concrete ceilings while being extremely precise and efficient,“ says Louis-Rene Lafond, Senior Digital Construction Consultant for Hilti. “Still, these new improvements solidify our robotic solutions leadership and help us develop a whole new market. Metal deck ceiling and wall drilling are a part of our everyday job sites, and these applications need to be addressed; luckily, thanks to the Jaibot research and development team at Hilti, we already are!”


All-new productivity improvement package

Hilti is also releasing a range of features to improve safety, simplify use and improve accuracy. Providing workers with even greater protection against dust, the Jaibot’s vacuum system can be upgraded to deliver up to 30% higher dust removal performance. The integration of a new sensor system improves hole drilling depth accuracy and distance measuring. On the Hilti cloud application, customers benefit from new 2D structural floor or installation plan upload options which allow for increased background information, improved user management and filtering by diameter to establish a drilling path and plan execution, as well as enhanced reporting with features like Field-to-BIM data and drilling progress. An option to export data and print a 2D plan for potential field rework is also available.

Since its introduction in late 2020, Jaibot has been deployed on numerous construction projects globally, helping Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) installation contractors tackle productivity, safety, and labor shortage challenges. The new features affirms the brand’s commitment to providing a robotic solution that supports customers where it is most needed. 


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