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Transforming Power Utilities

Optimize safety, reliability and productivity

Safety and reliability are non-negotiable for power utility projects. Pole drilling, cable cutting, and splicing demand minimizing risk and optimizing efficiency. Broken tools can mean costly downtime while substandard tools can result in injury.

Hilti's high-quality cordless impact tools and cable cutters help increase productivity, safety and uptime. Solutions such as cable supports, integrated floor systems and fire protection solutions help deliver quicker and safer installation. From design to problem solving and logistics, our total solutions are designed to help transform your power utility projects.

Higher-Performing tools for the power segment

Cordless drill drivers and screw drivers

Cordless drills and hammer drills to help you drill and drive faster in wood, metal, and masonry.

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Cordless rotary hammers

Less downtime, greater speed and run time and reduced operator fatigue when drilling, chipping, channeling and chiseling into concrete or masonry with our flagship cordless rotary hammers SDS Plus.

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Cordless impact drivers and wrenches

Cordless impact drivers and wrenches designed for longer run time and higher performance in light to heavy-duty driving and bolting

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Cordless saws

Cordless saws are designed for heavy-duty cutting in metal, wood, drywall, masonry or plastics.

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Cordless grinders

Cordless angle grinders with the power and performance to let you cut, grind or polish metal, concrete and more without the hassle of an extension cord.

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Cordless hydraulic cutters and crimpers

Cordless cutters and crimpers to help boost safety and efficiency when working on electrical terminations and power lines.

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Bringing you power, connectivity, and safety on the job

You have a lot of people depending on you, and you have Hilti's NUN 10K-22 Hydraulic pump to depend on.

  • For use in cutting and crimping wire underground, overhead or at substation
  • Ultra lightweight and smaller profile help make you more agile and safer on the jobsite
  • Work from a safer distance and establish an air gap using the Bluetooth®-connected remote
  • Nuron powered and compatible with industry-standard, single phase hydraulic hoses, crimping, cutting and knockout heads

Essential work requires service and support 24/7. The NUN 10K-22 electric hydraulic pump is backed by our warranty and repair promise to get you and your tools back on the job. 

Worker using the SID 8-22 to drill a hole in a utility pole

SID 8-22 cordless impact driver

On a complete cordless platform for power utilities

Help cut down on fatigue and safety hazards while still performing high-speed drilling and fastening on utility poles.

  • Smaller and more ergonomic design for greater ease and comfort
  • 7/16" one-click chuck with lip for easier bit changes, even when wearing gloves
  • Combine with Hilti's alloy-coated auger bits for faster and smoother drilling
  • Powerful LED light to help illuminate your jobsite

Solutions to help increase your productivity and enhance your safety

Nuron Cordless Platform

Get ready for the future with the 22V Nuron platform – from cutting to drilling and fastening, Hilti cordless power tools are designed for greater performance, enhanced safety and improved user comfort.​

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Modular Support Systems

Welded supports are time-consuming and expensive in construction, but they can also limit attachments and the ability to make tight bends and maximize spacing. In contrast, Hilti modular solutions deliver a safer, more flexible solution to applications such as cable routing and flooring systems. It's modular nature allows you to adapt to the needs of your projects. ​

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Firestop Solutions

Hilti helps provide safer firestop solutions with simpler and more intuitive installation options designed to help preserve property and protect lives. Hilti’s extensive range of firestop solutions provide first-class protection in a wide array of conditions.​

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